1 Samuel 15:7 Cross References - new

  7 H7586 And Saul H5221 [H8686] smote H6002 the Amalekites H2341 from Havilah H935 [H8800] until thou comest H7793 to Shur, H6440 that is east of H4714 Egypt.

Genesis 2:11

  11 H8034 The name H259 of the first H6376 is Pison: H1931   H5437 [H8802] which goest around H776 the whole land H2341 of Havilah, H834 where H2091 there is gold;

Genesis 16:7

  7 H4397 And the messenger H3068 of the LORD H4672 [H8799] found her H5869 by a fountain H4325 of water H4057 in the wilderness, H5869 by the fountain H1870 in the way H7793 to Shur.

Genesis 25:18

  18 H7931 [H8799] And they dwelt H2341 from Havilah H7793 to Shur, H6440 that is at the face of H4714 Egypt, H935 [H8800] as thou goest H804 toward Assyria: H5307 [H8804] and he fell H6440 in the face H251 of all his brethren.

Exodus 15:22

  22 H4872 So Moses H5265 [H8686] brought H3478 Israel H5488 from the Red H3220 sea, H3318 [H8799] and they went out H4057 into the wilderness H7793 of Shur; H3212 [H8799] and they went H7969 three H3117 days H4057 in the wilderness, H4672 [H8804] and found H4325 no water.

1 Samuel 14:48

  48 H6213 [H8799] And he gathered H2428 an host, H5221 [H8686] and smote H6002 the Amalekites, H5337 [H8686] and delivered H3478 Israel H3027 from the hands H8154 [H8802] of them that plundered them.

1 Samuel 27:8

  8 H1732 And David H582 and his men H5927 [H8799] went up, H6584 [H8799] and invaded H1651 the Geshurites, H1511 and the Gezrites, H6003 and the Amalekites: H2007 for those H5769 nations were of old H3427 [H8802] the inhabitants H776 of the land, H935 [H8800] as thou goest H7793 to Shur, H776 even to the land H4714 of Egypt.

Job 21:30

  30 H7451 That the wicked H2820 [H8735] is reserved H3117 to the day H343 of calamity? H2986 [H8714] they shall be brought forth H3117 to the day H5678 of wrath.

Ecclesiastes 8:13

  13 H2896 But it shall not be well H7563 with the wicked, H748 [H8686] neither shall he prolong H3117 his days, H6738 which are as a shadow; H3373 because he feareth H6440 not at the face of H430 God.

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