Ecclesiastes 7:27 Cross References - new

  27 H7200 [H8798] See, H4672 [H8804] this have I found, H559 [H8804] saith H6953 the preacher, H259 counting one H259 by one, H4672 [H8800] to find out H2808 the account:

Ecclesiastes 1:1-2

  1 H1697 The words H6953 of the Preacher, H1121 the son H1732 of David, H4428 king H3389 of Jerusalem.
  2 H1892 Vanity H1892 of vanities, H559 [H8804] saith H6953 the Preacher, H1892 vanity H1892 of vanities; H1892 all is vanity.

Ecclesiastes 12:8-10

  8 H1892 Vanity H1892 of vanities, H559 [H8804] saith H6953 the preacher; H1892 all is vanity.
  9 H3148 And moreover, H6953 because the preacher H2450 was wise, H3925 [H8765] he still taught H5971 the people H1847 knowledge; H239 [H8765] yea, he gave good heed, H2713 [H8765] and sought out, H8626 [H8765] and set in order H7235 [H8687] many H4912 proverbs.
  10 H6953 The preacher H1245 [H8765] sought H4672 [H8800] to find out H2656 acceptable H1697 words: H3789 [H8803] and that which was written H3476 was upright, H1697 even words H571 of truth.

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