Exodus 28:9 Cross References - new

  9 H3947 [H8804] And thou shalt take H8147 two H7718 onyx H68 stones, H6605 [H8765] and engrave H8034 on them the names H1121 of the sons H3478 of Israel:

Genesis 2:12

  12 H2091 And the gold H1931 of that H776 land H2896 is good: H916 there is bdellium H7718 and the onyx H68 stone.

Exodus 28:20

  20 H7243 And the fourth H2905 row H8658 a beryl, H7718 and an onyx, H3471 and a jasper: H7660 [H8794] they shall be set H2091 in gold H4396 in their inclosings.

Exodus 28:36

  36 H6213 [H8804] And thou shalt make H6731 a plate H2889 of pure H2091 gold, H6605 [H8765] and engrave H6603 upon it, like the engravings H2368 of a signet, H6944 HOLINESS H3068 TO THE LORD.

Exodus 39:6

  6 H6213 [H8799] And they wrought H7718 onyx H68 stones H4142 [H8716] inclosed H4865 in settings H2091 of gold, H6605 [H8794] engraved, H2368 as signets H6603 are engraved, H8034 with the names H1121 of the sons H3478 of Israel.

Exodus 39:13

  13 H7243 And the fourth H2905 row, H8658 a beryl, H7718 an onyx, H3471 and a jasper: H4142 [H8716] they were inclosed H4865 in settings H2091 of gold H4396 in their inclosings.

2 Chronicles 2:7

  7 H7971 [H8798] Send H376 me now therefore a man H2450 skilful H6213 [H8800] to work H2091 in gold, H3701 and in silver, H5178 and in brass, H1270 and in iron, H710 and in purple, H3758 and crimson, H8504 and blue, H3045 [H8802] and that hath skill H6605 H6603 [H8763] to engrave H2450 with the skilful men H3063 that are with me in Judah H3389 and in Jerusalem, H1732 whom David H1 my father H3559 [H8689] provided.

Job 28:16

  16 H5541 [H8792] It cannot be valued H3800 with the gold H211 of Ophir, H3368 with the precious H7718 onyx, H5601 or the sapphire.

Song of Songs 8:6

  6 H7760 [H8798] Set H2368 me as a seal H3820 upon thine heart, H2368 as a seal H2220 upon thy arm: H160 for love H5794 is strong H4194 as death; H7068 jealousy H7186 is cruel H7585 as the grave: H7565 the coals H7565 of it are coals H784 of fire, H7957 which hath a most vehement flame.

Isaiah 49:16

  16 H2710 [H8804] Behold, I have graven H3709 thee upon my palms; H2346 thy walls H8548 are continually before me.

Ezekiel 28:13

  13 H5731 Thou hast been in Eden H1588 the garden H430 of God; H3368 every precious H68 stone H4540 was thy covering, H124 the sardius, H6357 topaz, H3095 and the diamond, H8658 the beryl, H7718 the onyx, H3471 and the jasper, H5601 the sapphire, H5306 the emerald, H1304 and the carbuncle, H2091 and gold: H4399 the workmanship H8596 of thy tabrets H5345 and of thy pipes H3559 [H8797] was prepared H3117 in thee in the day H1254 [H8736] that thou wast created.

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