Genesis 2:7 Cross References - new

  7 H3068 And the LORD H430 God H3335 [H8799] formed H120 man H6083 of the dust H4480 of H127 the soil, H5301 [H8799] and blew H639 into his nostrils H5397 the breath H2416 of life; H120 and man H2416 became a living H5315 breath.

Genesis 3:19

  19 H2188 In the sweat H639 of thy nostrils H398 [H8799] shalt thou eat H3899 bread, H5704 till H7725 [H8800] thou shalt return H127 to the soil; H3947 [H8795] for out of it wast thou taken: H6083 for dust H859 thou H6083 art, and to dust H7725 [H8799] shalt thou return.

Genesis 3:23

  23 H3068 Therefore the LORD H430 God H7971 [H8762] sent him forth H1588 from the garden H5731 of Eden, H5647 [H8800] to till H127 the soil H3947 [H8795] from which he was taken.

Genesis 7:22

  22 H639 All in whose nostrils H5397 H7307 was the breath H2416 of life, H2724 of all that was on the dry H4191 [H8804] land, died.

Numbers 16:22

  22 H5307 [H8799] And they fell H6440 upon their faces, H559 [H8799] and said, H410 O God, H430 the God H7307 of the spirits H1320 of all flesh, H259 shall one H376 man H2398 [H8799] sin, H7107 [H8799] and wilt thou burst out in rage H5921 with H3605 all H9009 the H5712 company?

Numbers 27:16

  16 H3068 Let the LORD, H430 the God H7307 of the spirits H1320 of all flesh, H6485 [H8799] set H376 a man H5921 over H9009 the H5712 company,

Job 4:19

  19 H637 How much less H7931 [H8802] in them that dwell H1004 in houses H2563 of clay, H3247 whose foundation H6083 is in the dust, H1792 [H8762] who are crushed H6440 at the face of H6211 the moth?

Job 27:3

  3 H5750 All the while H5397 my breath H7307 is in me, and the spirit H433 of God H639 is in my nostrils;

Job 33:4

  4 H7307 The Spirit H410 of God H6213 [H8804] hath made H5397 me, and the breath H7706 of the Almighty H2421 [H8762] hath given me life.

Job 33:6

  6 H2005 Behold, H589 I am H9004 like H9021 thy H6310 mouth H9005 toward H410 God: H589 I H1571 also H7169 [H8795] am formed H9006 out of H2563 the clay.

Psalms 100:3

  3 H3045 [H8798] Know H3068 ye that the LORD H430 he is God: H6213 [H8804] it is he that hath made H5971 us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, H6629 and the sheep H4830 of his pasture.

Psalms 103:14

  14 H3045 [H8804] For he knoweth H3336 our frame; H2142 [H8803] he remembereth H6083 that we are dust.

Psalms 139:14-15

  14 H3034 [H8686] I will praise H3372 [H8737] thee; for I am fearfully H6395 [H8738] and wonderfully made: H6381 [H8737] marvellous H4639 are thy works; H5315 and that my breath H3966 well H3045 [H8802] knoweth
  15 H6108 My substance H3582 [H8738] was not hid H6213 [H8795] from thee, when I was made H5643 in secret, H7551 [H8795] and skilfully formed H8482 in the lowest parts H776 of the earth.

Proverbs 20:27

  27 H5397 The breath H120 of man H5216 is the lamp H3068 of the LORD, H2664 [H8802] searching H2315 all the inward parts H990 of the belly.

Ecclesiastes 3:7

  7 H6256 A time H7167 [H8800] to rend, H6256 and a time H8609 [H8800] to sew; H6256 a time H2814 [H8800] to keep silence, H6256 and a time H1696 [H8763] to speak;

Ecclesiastes 3:20-21

  20 H1980 [H8802] All go H259 to one H4725 place; H6083 all are of the dust, H7725 0 and all turn H6083 to dust H7725 [H8804] again.
  21 H3045 [H8802] Who knoweth H7307 the spirit H1121 H120 of man H5927 [H8802] that goeth H4605 upward, H7307 and the spirit H929 of the beast H3381 [H8802] that goeth H4295 downward H776 to the earth?

Ecclesiastes 12:7

  7 H6083 Then shall the dust H7725 [H8799] return H776 to the earth H7307 as it was: and the spirit H7725 [H8799] shall return H430 to God H5414 [H8804] who gave it.

Isaiah 2:22

  22 H2308 [H8798] Cease H120 ye from man, H5397 whose breath H639 is in his nostrils: H2803 [H8737] for why is he to be esteemed?

Isaiah 64:8

  8 H3068 But now, O LORD, H1 thou art our father; H2563 we are the clay, H3335 [H8802] and thou our potter; H4639 and we all are the work H3027 of thine hand.

Zechariah 12:1

  1 H4853 The burden H1697 of the word H3068 of the LORD H3478 for Israel, H5002 [H8803] saith H3068 the LORD, H5186 [H8802] who stretcheth H8064 forth the heavens, H3245 [H8801] and layeth the foundation H776 of the earth, H3335 [H8802] and formeth H7307 the spirit H120 of man H7130 within him.

John 20:22

  22 G2532 And G2036 [G5631] when he had said G5124 this, G1720 [G5656] he breathed on G2532 them, and G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to them, G2983 [G5628] { Receive ye G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit:}

Acts 17:25

  25 G3761 Neither G2323 [G5743] is worshipped G5259 by G444 men's G5495 hands, G4326 [G5740] as though he needed G5100 any thing, G846 seeing he G1325 [G5723] giveth G3956 to all G2222 life, G2532 and G4157 respiration, G2596 and G3956 all things;

Romans 9:20

  20 G3304 Nay but, G5599 O G444 man, G5101 who G1488 [G5748] art G4771 thou G470 [G5740] that repliest against G2316 God? G3361   G2046 0 Shall G4110 the thing formed G2046 [G5692] say G4111 [G5660] to him that formed G5101 it, Why G4160 [G5656] hast thou made G3165 me G3779 thus?

1 Corinthians 15:45

  45 G2532 And G3779 so G1125 [G5769] it is written, G4413 The first G444 man G76 Adam G1096 G1519 [G5633] was made G2198 [G5723] a living G5590 breath; G2078 the last G76 Adam G1519 was made G2227 [G5723] a living G4151 spirit.

1 Corinthians 15:47

  47 G4413 The first G444 man G1537 is from G1093 the earth, G5517 dusty: G1208 the second G444 man G2962 is the Lord G1537 from G3772 heaven.

2 Corinthians 4:7

  7 G1161 But G2192 [G5719] we have G5126 this G2344 treasure G1722 in G3749 earthen G4632 vessels, G2443 that G5236 the excellency G1411 of the power G5600 [G5753] may be G2316 of God, G2532 and G3361 not G1537 from G2257 us.

2 Corinthians 5:1

  1 G1063 For G1492 [G5758] we know G3754 that G1437 if G2257 our G1919 earthly G3614 house G4636 of this tabernacle G2647 [G5686] were dissolved, G2192 [G5719] we have G3619 a building G1537 of G2316 God, G3614 an house G886 not made with hands, G166 age-during G1722 in G3772 the heavens.

Hebrews 12:9

  9 G1534 G3303 Furthermore G2192 [G5707] we have had G3962 fathers G2257 of our G4561 flesh G3810 who corrected G2532 us, and G1788 [G5710] we gave them reverence: G5293 0 shall we G3756 not G4183 much G3123 rather G5293 [G5691] be in subjection G3962 to the Father G4151 of spirits, G2532 and G2198 [G5692] live?

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