Genesis 31:7 Cross References - new

  7 H1 And your father H2048 [H8765] hath deceived H2498 [H8689] me, and changed H4909 my wages H6235 ten H4489 times; H430 but God H5414 [H8804] allowed him H7489 [H8687] not to hurt H5978 me.

Genesis 20:6

  6 H430 And God H559 [H8799] said H2472 to him in a dream, H1571 Yea, H3045 [H8804] I know H6213 [H8804] that thou didst H8537 this in the integrity H3824 of thy heart; H2820 [H8799] for I also withheld H2398 [H8800] thee from sinning H5414 [H8804] against me: therefore I allowed H5060 [H8800] thee not to touch her.

Genesis 31:29

  29 H3426 It is H410 in the power H3027 of my hand H6213 [H8800] to do H7451 you harm: H430 but the God H1 of your father H559 [H8804] spoke H570 to me last night, H559 [H8800] saying, H8104 [H8734] Take thou heed H1696 [H8763] that thou speak not H3290 to Jacob H2896 either good H7451 or bad.

Genesis 31:41

  41 H6242 Thus have I been twenty H8141 years H1004 in thy house; H5647 [H8804] I served thee H702 H6240 fourteen H8141 years H8147 for thy two H1323 daughters, H8337 and six H8141 years H6629 for thy cattle: H2498 [H8686] and thou hast changed H4909 my wages H6235 ten H4489 times.

Leviticus 26:26

  26 H7665 [H8800] And when I have broke H4294 the staff H3899 of your bread, H6235 ten H802 women H644 [H8804] shall bake H3899 your bread H259 in one H8574 oven, H7725 0 and they shall deliver H3899 you your bread H7725 [H8689] again H4948 by weight: H398 [H8804] and ye shall eat, H7646 [H8799] and not be satisfied.

Numbers 14:22

  22 H582 Because all those men H7200 [H8802] who have seen H3519 my glory, H226 and my miracles, H6213 [H8804] which I did H4714 in Egypt H4057 and in the wilderness, H5254 H853 [H8762] and have tested H6235 me now these ten H6471 times, H8085 [H8804] and have not hearkened H6963 to my voice;

Nehemiah 4:12

  12 H3064 And it came to pass, that when the Judeans H3427 [H8802] who dwelt H681 by them H935 [H8804] came, H559 [H8799] they said H6235 to us ten H6471 times, H4725 From all places H7725 [H8799] where ye shall return to us they will be upon you.

Job 1:10

  10 H7753 [H8804] Hast not thou made an hedge H1157 about him, and about H1004 his house, H5439 and about all that he hath on every side? H1288 [H8765] thou hast blessed H4639 the work H3027 of his hands, H4735 and his substance H6555 [H8804] is increased H776 in the land.

Job 19:3

  3 H6235 These ten H6471 times H3637 [H8686] have ye wounded H954 [H8799] me: ye are not pale H1970 [H8686] that ye make yourselves strange to me.

Job 19:8

  8 H1443 [H8804] He hath fenced up H734 my way H5674 [H8799] that I cannot pass, H7760 [H8799] and he hath set H2822 darkness H5410 in my paths.

Psalms 37:28

  28 H3068 For the LORD H157 [H8802] loveth H4941 judgment, H5800 [H8799] and forsaketh H2623 not his saints; H8104 [H8738] they are preserved H5769 to the age: H2233 but the seed H7563 of the wicked H3772 [H8738] shall be cut off.

Psalms 105:14-15

  14 H3240 [H8689] He permitted H120 no man H6231 [H8800] to do them wrong: H3198 [H8686] yea, he reproved H4428 kings for their sakes;
  15 H5060 [H8799] Saying, Touch H4899 not my anointed, H5030 and do my prophets H7489 [H8686] no harm.

Isaiah 4:1

  1 H3117 And in that day H7651 seven H802 women H2388 [H8689] shall take hold H259 of one H376 man, H559 [H8800] saying, H398 [H8799] We will eat H3899 our own bread, H3847 [H8799] and wear H8071 our own apparel: H7121 [H8735] only let us be called H8034 by thy name, H622 [H8798] to take away H2781 our reproach.

Isaiah 54:17

  17 H3627 No weapon H3335 [H8714] that is formed H6743 [H8799] against thee shall prosper; H3956 and every tongue H6965 [H8799] that shall rise H4941 against thee in judgment H7561 [H8686] thou shalt condemn. H5159 This is the inheritance H5650 of the servants H3068 of the LORD, H6666 and their righteousness H5002 [H8803] is from me, saith H3068 the LORD.

Zechariah 8:23

  23 H559 [H8804] Thus saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts; H3117 In those days H6235 it shall come to pass, that ten H582 men H3956 out of all languages H1471 of the nations, H2388 [H8686] shall take hold, H2388 [H8689] shall even take hold H3671 of the skirt H376 H3064 of him that is a Judean, H559 [H8800] saying, H3212 [H8799] We will go H8085 [H8804] with you: for we have heard H430 that God is with you.

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