Genesis 32:32 Cross References - new

  32 H1121 Therefore the sons H3478 of Israel H398 [H8799] eat H1517 not of the sinew H5384 which shrank, H3709 which is upon the hollow H3409 of the thigh, H3117 to this day: H5060 [H8804] because he touched H3709 the hollow H3290 of Jacob's H3409 thigh H1517 in the sinew H5384 that shrank.

1 Samuel 5:5

  5 H3548 Therefore neither the priests H1712 of Dagon, H935 [H8802] nor any that come H1712 into Dagon's H1004 house, H1869 [H8799] tread H4670 on the threshold H1712 of Dagon H795 in Ashdod H3117 to this day.

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