Isaiah 15:6 Cross References - new

  6 H4325 For the waters H5249 of Nimrim H4923 shall be desolate: H2682 for the herb H3001 [H8804] is withered away, H1877 the grass H3615 [H8804] faileth, H3418 there is no green thing.

Numbers 32:3

  3 H5852 Ataroth, H1769 and Dibon, H3270 and Jazer, H5247 and Nimrah, H2809 and Heshbon, H500 and Elealeh, H7643 and Shebam, H5015 and Nebo, H1194 and Beon,

Numbers 32:36

  36 H1039 And Bethnimrah, H1028 and Bethharan, H4013 fortified H5892 cities: H1448 and folds H6629 for sheep.

Joshua 13:27

  27 H6010 And in the valley, H1027 Betharam, H1039 and Bethnimrah, H5523 and Succoth, H6829 and Zaphon, H3499 the rest H4468 of the kingdom H5511 of Sihon H4428 king H2809 of Heshbon, H3383 Jordan H1366 and its border, H7097 even to the edge H3220 of the sea H3672 of Chinnereth H5676 on the other side H3383 of Jordan H4217 eastward.

Isaiah 16:9-10

  9 H1058 [H8799] Therefore I will bewail H1065 with the weeping H3270 of Jazer H1612 the vine H7643 of Sibmah: H7301 [H8762] I will water H1832 thee with my tears, H2809 O Heshbon, H500 and Elealeh: H1959 for the shouting H7019 for thy summer fruits H7105 and for thy harvest H5307 [H8804] is fallen.
  10 H8057 And gladness H622 [H8738] is taken away, H1524 and joy H3759 from the plentiful field; H3754 and in the vineyards H7442 [H8792] there shall be no shouting for joy, H7321 [H8783] neither shall there be shouting: H1869 [H8802] the treaders H1869 [H8799] shall tread out H3196 no wine H3342 in their presses; H1959 I have made their vintage shouting H7673 [H8689] to cease.

Isaiah 19:5-7

  5 H4325 And the waters H5405 [H8738] shall fail H3220 from the sea, H5104 and the rivers H2717 [H8799] shall be wasted H3001 [H8804] and dried up.
  6 H2186 0 And they shall turn H5104 the rivers H2186 [H8689] far away; H2975 and the brooks H4693 of defence H1809 [H8804] shall be emptied H2717 [H8804] and dried up: H7070 the reeds H5488 and flags H7060 [H8804] shall wither.
  7 H6169 The paper reeds H2975 by the brooks, H6310 by the mouth H2975 of the brooks, H4218 and every thing sown H2975 by the brooks, H3001 [H8799] shall wither, H5086 [H8738] be driven away, and be no more.

Jeremiah 48:34

  34 H2201 From the outcry H2809 of Heshbon H500 even to Elealeh, H3096 and even to Jahaz, H5414 [H8804] have they uttered H6963 their voice, H6820 from Zoar H2773 even to Horonaim, H5697 as an heifer H7992 of three years old: H4325 for the waters H5249 also of Nimrim H4923 shall be desolate.

Joel 1:10-12

  10 H7704 The field H7703 [H8795] is wasted, H127 the soil H56 [H8804] mourneth; H1715 for the grain H7703 [H8795] is wasted: H8492 the new wine H3001 [H8689] is dried up, H3323 the oil H535 [H8797] languisheth.
  11 H3001 [H8685] Be ye ashamed, H406 O ye farmers; H3213 [H8685] wail, H3755 O ye vinedressers, H2406 for the wheat H8184 and for the barley; H7105 because the harvest H7704 of the field H6 [H8804] hath been lost.
  12 H1612 The vine H3001 [H8689] is dried up, H8384 and the fig tree H535 [H8797] languisheth; H7416 the pomegranate H8558 tree, the palm tree H8598 also, and the apple tree, H6086 even all the trees H7704 of the field, H3001 [H8804] are withered: H8342 because joy H3001 [H8689] is withered away H1121 from the sons H120 of men.

Habakkuk 3:17-18

  17 H8384 Although the fig tree H6524 [H8799] shall not blossom, H2981 neither shall fruit H1612 be in the vines; H4639 the labour H2132 of the olive H3584 [H8765] shall fail, H7709 and the fields H6213 [H8804] shall yield H400 no food; H6629 the flock H1504 [H8804] shall be cut off H4356 from the fold, H1241 and there shall be no herd H7517 in the stalls:
  18 H5937 [H8799] Yet I will rejoice H3068 in the LORD, H1523 [H8799] I will joy H430 in the God H3468 of my salvation.

Revelation 8:7

  7 G2532   G4413 The first G32 messenger G4537 [G5656] sounded, G2532 and G1096 [G5633] there followed G5464 hail G2532 and G4442 fire G3396 [G5772] mixed G129 with blood, G2532 and G906 [G5681] they were cast G1519 upon G1093 the earth: G2532 and G5154 the third part G1186 of trees G2618 [G5648] was burnt up, G2532 and G3956 all G5515 green G5528 grass G2618 [G5648] was burnt up.

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