Jeremiah 13:25 Cross References - new

  25 H1486 This is thy lot, H4490 the portion H4055 of thy measures H5002 [H8803] from me, saith H3068 the LORD; H7911 [H8804] because thou hast forgotten H982 [H8799] me, and trusted H8267 in falsehood.

Deuteronomy 32:16-18

  16 H7065 [H8686] They provoked him to jealousy H2114 [H8801] with strange H8441 gods, with abominations H3707 [H8686] they vexed him.
  17 H2076 [H8799] They sacrificed H7700 to demons, H433 not to God; H430 to gods H3045 [H8804] which they knew H2319 not, to new H935 0 gods that came H7138 newly H935 [H8804] up, H1 whom your fathers H8175 [H8804] feared not.
  18 H6697 Of the Rock H3205 [H8804] that begat H7876 [H8799] thee thou art unmindful, H7911 [H8799] and hast forgotten H410 God H2342 [H8789] that formed thee.

Deuteronomy 32:37-38

  37 H559 [H8804] And he shall say, H430 Where are their gods, H6697 their rock H2620 [H8804] in whom they trusted,
  38 H398 [H8799] Which ate H2459 the fat H2077 of their sacrifices, H8354 [H8799] and drank H3196 the wine H5257 of their drink offerings? H6965 [H8799] let them rise up H5826 [H8799] and help H5643 you, and be your protection.

Job 20:29

  29 H2506 This is the portion H7563 of a wicked H120 man H430 from God, H5159 and the inheritance H561 appointed H410 to him by God.

Psalms 9:17

  17 H7563 The wicked H7725 [H8799] shall be turned H7585 into the grave, H1471 and all the nations H7913 that forget H430 God.

Psalms 11:6

  6 H7563 Upon the wicked H4305 [H8686] he shall rain H6341 snares, H784 fire H1614 and brimstone, H2152 and a glowing H7307 wind: H4521 this shall be the portion H3563 of their cup.

Psalms 106:21-22

  21 H7911 [H8804] They forgot H410 God H3467 [H8688] their liberator, H6213 [H8802] who had done H1419 great things H4714 in Egypt;
  22 H6381 [H8737] Wondrous works H776 in the land H2526 of Ham, H3372 [H8737] and terrible things H5488 by the Red H3220 sea.

Isaiah 17:4

  4 H3117 And in that day H3519 it shall come to pass, that the glory H3290 of Jacob H1809 [H8735] shall be diminished, H4924 and the fatness H1320 of his flesh H7329 [H8735] shall become lean.

Isaiah 28:15

  15 H559 [H8804] Because ye have said, H3772 [H8804] We have made H1285 a covenant H4194 with death, H7585 and with the grave H6213 [H8804] are we H2374 in agreement; H7857 [H8802] when the overflowing H7752 H7885 [H8675] scourge H5674 H5674 [H8799] shall pass through, H935 [H8799] it shall not reach H7760 [H8804] us: for we have made H3577 lies H4268 our refuge, H8267 and under falsehood H5641 [H8738] have we hid ourselves:

Jeremiah 2:13

  13 H5971 For my people H6213 [H8804] have committed H8147 two H7451 evils; H5800 [H8804] they have forsaken H4726 me the fountain H2416 of living H4325 waters, H2672 [H8800] and hewed out H877 for themselves cisterns, H7665 [H8737] broken H877 cisterns, H3557 [H8686] that can hold H4325 no water.

Jeremiah 2:32

  32 H1330 Can a virgin H7911 [H8799] forget H5716 her ornaments, H3618 or a bride H7196 her attire? H5971 yet my people H7911 [H8804] have forgotten H3117 me days H4557 without number.

Jeremiah 7:4-8

  4 H982 [H8799] Trust H8267 ye not in lying H1697 words, H559 [H8800] saying, H1964 The temple H3068 of the LORD, H1964 The temple H3068 of the LORD, H1964 The temple H3068 of the LORD, are these.
  5 H3190 [H8687] For if ye thoroughly H3190 [H8686] amend H1870 your ways H4611 and your doings; H6213 [H8800] if ye thoroughly H6213 [H8799] execute H4941 judgment H376 between a man H7453 and his neighbour;
  6 H6231 [H8799] If ye oppress H1616 not the guest, H3490 the fatherless, H490 and the widow, H8210 [H8799] and shed H5355 not innocent H1818 blood H4725 in this place, H3212 [H8799] neither walk H310 after H312 other H430 gods H7451 to your harm:
  7 H7931 [H8765] Then will I cause you to dwell H4725 in this place, H776 in the land H5414 [H8804] that I gave H1 to your fathers, H5704 for H5769 ever H5769 and ever.
  8 H982 [H8802] Behold, ye trust H8267 in lying H1697 words, H3276 [H8687] that cannot profit.

Jeremiah 10:14

  14 H120 Every man H1197 [H8738] is stupid H1847 in his knowledge: H6884 [H8802] every goldsmith H3001 [H8689] is confounded H6459 by the graven image: H5262 for his molten image H8267 is falsehood, H7307 and there is no breath in them.

Micah 3:11

  11 H7218 Her heads H8199 [H8799] judge H7810 for reward, H3548 and her priests H3384 [H8686] teach H4242 for hire, H5030 and her prophets H7080 [H8799] divine H3701 for money: H8172 [H8735] yet will they lean H3068 upon the LORD, H559 [H8800] and say, H3068 Is not the LORD H7130 among H7451 us? no evil H935 [H8799] can come upon us.

Habakkuk 2:18-19

  18 H3276 [H8689] What profiteth H6459 the graven image H3335 [H8802] that its maker H6458 [H8804] hath engraved H4541 it; the molten image, H3384 [H8688] and a teacher H8267 of lies, H3335 [H8802] that the maker H3336 of his work H982 [H8804] trusteth H6213 [H8800] in it, to make H483 dumb H457 idols?
  19 H1945 Woe H559 [H8802] to him that saith H6086 to the wood, H6974 [H8685] Awake; H1748 to the dumb H68 stone, H5782 [H8798] Arise, H3384 [H8686] it shall teach! H8610 [H8803] Behold, it is laid H2091 over with gold H3701 and silver, H7307 and there is no spirit H7130 at all within it.

Matthew 24:51

  51 G2532 { And G1371 0 shall cut G846 him G1371 [G5692] asunder, G2532 and G5087 [G5692] appoint G846 him his G3313 portion G3326 with G5273 the hypocrites: G1563 there G2071 [G5704] shall be G2805 weeping G2532 and G1030 gnashing G3599 of teeth.}

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