Jeremiah 9:10 Cross References - new

  10 H2022 For the mountains H5375 [H8799] will I take up H1065 a weeping H5092 and wailing, H4999 and for the habitations H4057 of the wilderness H7015 a lamentation, H3341 [H8738] because they are burned up, H376 so that none H5674 [H8802] can pass H8085 [H8804] through them; neither can men hear H6963 the voice H4735 of the cattle; H5775 both the fowl H8064 of the heavens H929 and the beast H5074 [H8804] have fled; H1980 [H8804] they are gone.

Isaiah 49:19

  19 H2723 For thy dry H8074 [H8802] and thy desolate places, H776 and the land H2035 of thy demolition, H3334 [H8799] shall even now be too narrow H3427 [H8802] by reason of the inhabitants, H1104 [H8764] and they that swallowed thee up H7368 [H8804] shall be far away.

Jeremiah 2:6

  6 H559 [H8804] Neither said H3068 they, Where is the LORD H5927 [H8688] that brought us H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt, H3212 [H8688] that led H4057 us through the wilderness, H776 through a land H6160 of deserts H7745 and of chasms, H776 through a land H6723 of drought, H6757 and of the shadow of death, H776 through a land H376 that no man H5674 [H8804] passed through, H120 and where no man H3427 [H8804] dwelt?

Jeremiah 4:19-26

  19 H4578 My bowels, H4578 my bowels! H2342 H3176 [H8799] I am pained H7023 at my very H3820 heart; H3820 my heart H1993 [H8802] maketh a noise H2790 [H8686] in me; I cannot hold my peace, H8085 [H8804] because thou hast heard, H5315 O my breath, H6963 the sound H7782 of the shofar, H8643 the alarm H4421 of war.
  20 H7667 Fracturing H7667 upon fracturing H7121 [H8738] is called; H776 for the whole land H7703 [H8795] is laid waste: H6597 suddenly H168 are my tents H7703 [H8795] ruined, H3407 and my curtains H7281 in a moment.
  21 H7200 [H8799] How long shall I see H5251 the standard, H8085 [H8799] and hear H6963 the sound H7782 of the shofar?
  22 H5971 For my people H191 are foolish, H3045 [H8804] they have not known H5530 me; they are silly H1121 sons, H995 [H8737] and they have no understanding: H2450 they are wise H7489 [H8687] to do evil, H3190 [H8687] but to do good H3045 [H8804] they have no knowledge.
  23 H7200 [H8804] I beheld H776 the earth, H8414 and, lo, it was without form, H922 and void; H8064 and the heavens, H216 and they had no light.
  24 H7200 [H8804] I beheld H2022 the mountains, H7493 [H8801] and, lo, they trembled, H1389 and all the hills H7043 [H8701] moved lightly.
  25 H7200 [H8804] I beheld, H120 and, lo, there was no man, H5775 and all the fowls H8064 of the heavens H5074 [H8804] had fled.
  26 H7200 [H8804] I beheld, H3759 and, lo, the fruitful place H4057 was a wilderness, H5892 and all its cities H5422 [H8738] were broken down H6440 at the face H3068 of the LORD, H2740 and by his burning H639 anger.

Jeremiah 7:29

  29 H1494 [H8798] Cut off H5145 thy hair, H7993 [H8685] O Jerusalem, and cast it away, H5375 [H8798] and take up H7015 a lamentation H8205 on high places; H3068 for the LORD H3988 [H8804] hath rejected H5203 [H8799] and forsaken H1755 the generation H5678 of his wrath.

Jeremiah 8:18

  18 H9020 Because of the lack of my H4010 desistance H5921 against H3015 sorrow, H9020 my H3820 heart H1742 is faint H5921 upon H9030 me.

Jeremiah 12:4

  4 H776 How long shall the land H56 [H8799] mourn, H6212 and the herbs H7704 of every field H3001 [H8799] wither, H7451 for the evil H3427 [H8802] of them that dwell H929 in it? the beasts H5595 [H8804] are consumed, H5775 and the birds; H559 [H8804] because they said, H7200 [H8799] He shall not see H319 our last end.

Jeremiah 12:10

  10 H7227 Many H7462 [H8802] shepherds H7843 [H8765] have decayed H3754 my vineyard, H947 0 they have trodden H2513 my portion H947 [H8790] under foot, H5414 [H8804] they have made H2532 my pleasant H2513 portion H8077 a desolate H4057 wilderness.

Jeremiah 13:16-17

  16 H5414 [H8798] Give H3519 glory H3068 to the LORD H430 your God, H2821 [H8686] before he shall cause darkness, H7272 and before your feet H5062 [H8691] stumble H5399 upon the dark H2022 mountains, H6960 [H8765] and, while ye look H216 for light, H7760 [H8804] he shall turn H6757 it into the shadow of death, H7896 H7896 [H8798] and make H6205 it gross darkness.
  17 H8085 [H8799] But if ye will not hear H5315 it, my breath H1058 [H8799] shall weep H4565 in secret places H6440 for H1466 your pride; H5869 and my eye H1830 [H8799] shall weep H1830 [H8800] bitterly, H3381 [H8799] and run down H1832 with tears, H3068 because the LORD'S H5739 flock H7617 [H8738] is carried away captive.

Jeremiah 14:6

  6 H6501 And the wild donkeys H5975 [H8804] stood H8205 in the high places, H7602 [H8804] they snuffed up H7307 the wind H8577 like dragons; H5869 their eyes H3615 [H8804] failed, H6212 because there was no grass.

Jeremiah 23:10

  10 H776 For the land H4390 [H8804] is full H5003 [H8764] of adulterers; H6440 for because H423 of swearing H776 the land H56 [H8804] mourneth; H4999 the pleasant places H4057 of the wilderness H3001 [H8804] are dried up, H4794 and their course H7451 is evil, H1369 and their force is not right.

Lamentations 1:16

  16 H1058 [H8802] For these things I weep; H5869 my eye, H5869 my eye H3381 [H8802] runneth down H4325 with water, H5162 [H8764] because the comforter H7725 [H8688] that should relieve H5315 my breath H7368 [H8804] is far H1121 from me: my sons H8074 [H8802] are desolate, H341 [H8802] because the enemy H1396 [H8804] prevailed.

Lamentations 2:11

  11 H5869 My eyes H3615 [H8804] do fail H1832 with tears, H4578 my bowels H2560 [H8777] are troubled, H3516 my liver H8210 [H8738] is poured H776 upon the earth, H7667 for the fracturing H1323 of the daughter H5971 of my people; H5768 because the children H3243 [H8802] and the sucklings H5848 [H8736] swoon H7339 in the streets H7151 of the city.

Ezekiel 14:15

  15 H3863 If H7451 I cause evil H2416 beasts H5674 [H8686] to pass through H776 the land, H7921 [H8765] and they lay it waste, H8077 so that it be desolate, H5674 [H8802] that no man may pass through H6440 because H2416 of the beasts:

Ezekiel 29:11

  11 H7272 No foot H120 of man H5674 [H8799] shall pass through H7272 it, nor foot H929 of beast H5674 [H8799] shall pass through H3427 [H8799] it, neither shall it be inhabited H705 forty H8141 years.

Ezekiel 33:28

  28 H5414 [H8804] For I will lay H776 the land H4923 most H8077 desolate, H1347 and the pomp H5797 of her strength H7673 [H8738] shall cease; H2022 and the mountains H3478 of Israel H8074 [H8804] shall be desolate, H5674 [H8802] that none shall pass through.

Hosea 4:3

  3 H776 Therefore shall the land H56 [H8799] mourn, H3427 [H8802] and every one that dwelleth H535 [H8797] in it shall languish, H2416 with the beasts H7704 of the field, H5775 and with the fowls H8064 of heaven; H1709 yea, the fishes H3220 of the sea H622 [H8735] also shall be taken away.

Joel 1:10-12

  10 H7704 The field H7703 [H8795] is wasted, H127 the soil H56 [H8804] mourneth; H1715 for the grain H7703 [H8795] is wasted: H8492 the new wine H3001 [H8689] is dried up, H3323 the oil H535 [H8797] languisheth.
  11 H3001 [H8685] Be ye ashamed, H406 O ye farmers; H3213 [H8685] wail, H3755 O ye vinedressers, H2406 for the wheat H8184 and for the barley; H7105 because the harvest H7704 of the field H6 [H8804] hath been lost.
  12 H1612 The vine H3001 [H8689] is dried up, H8384 and the fig tree H535 [H8797] languisheth; H7416 the pomegranate H8558 tree, the palm tree H8598 also, and the apple tree, H6086 even all the trees H7704 of the field, H3001 [H8804] are withered: H8342 because joy H3001 [H8689] is withered away H1121 from the sons H120 of men.

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