Matthew 23:19 Cross References - new

  19 G3474 { Ye fools G2532 and G5185 blind: G1063 for G5101 which G3187 is greater, G1435 the gift, G2228 or G2379 the altar G37 [G5723] that sanctifieth G1435 the gift?}

Exodus 29:37

  37 H7651 Seven H3117 days H3722 [H8762] thou shalt make an atonement H4196 for the altar, H6942 [H8765] and sanctify H4196 it; and it shall be an altar H6944 most holy: H5060 [H8802] whatever toucheth H4196 the altar H6942 [H8799] shall be holy.

Exodus 30:29

  29 H6942 [H8765] And thou shalt sanctify H6944 them, that they may be most H6944 holy: H5060 [H8802] whatever toucheth H6942 [H8799] them shall be holy.

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