Psalms 37:2 Cross References - new

  2 H4120 For they shall soon H5243 [H8799] be cut down H2682 like the grass, H5034 [H8799] and wither H3418 as the green H1877 herb.

Job 14:2

  2 H3318 [H8804] He cometh forth H6731 like a flower, H5243 [H8799] and is cut down: H1272 [H8799] he fleeth H6738 also as a shadow, H5975 [H8799] and continueth not.

Job 20:5-9

  5 H7445 That the triumphing H7563 of the wicked H7138 is short, H8057 and the joy H2611 of the hypocrite H7281 but for a moment?
  6 H7863 Though his excellency H5927 [H8799] shall mount up H8064 to the heavens, H7218 and his head H5060 [H8686] reach H5645 to the clouds;
  7 H6 [H8799] Yet he shall perish H5331 for ever H1561 like his own dung: H7200 [H8802] they who have seen H559 [H8799] him shall say, H335 Where is he?
  8 H5774 [H8799] He shall fly away H2472 as a dream, H4672 [H8799] and shall not be found: H5074 [H8714] yea, he shall be chased away H2384 as a vision H3915 of the night.
  9 H5869 The eye H7805 [H8804] also which saw H3254 [H8686] him shall see him no more; H4725 neither shall his place H7789 [H8799] any more behold him.

Psalms 37:35-36

  35 H7200 [H8804] I have seen H7563 the wicked H6184 in great power, H6168 [H8693] and spreading H7488 himself like a green H249 bay tree.
  36 H5674 [H8799] Yet he passed away, H1245 [H8762] and, lo, he was not: yea, I sought H4672 [H8738] him, but he could not be found.

Psalms 73:17-20

  17 H935 [H8799] Until I went H4720 into the sanctuary H410 of God; H995 [H8799] then I understood H319 their end.
  18 H7896 [H8799] Surely thou didst set H2513 them in slippery places: H5307 [H8689] thou didst cast them down H4876 into ruin.
  19 H8047 How are they brought into desolation, H7281 as in a moment! H5486 [H8804] they are utterly H8552 [H8804] consumed H1091 with terrors.
  20 H2472 As a dream H6974 [H8687] when one awaketh; H136 so, O Sovereign, H5782 when thou awakest, H959 [H8799] thou shalt despise H6754 their image.

Psalms 90:5-6

  5 H2229 [H8804] Thou carriest them away as with a flood; H8142 they are as a sleep: H1242 in the morning H2682 they are like grass H2498 [H8799] which groweth.
  6 H1242 In the morning H6692 [H8686] it flourisheth, H2498 [H8804] and groweth; H6153 in the evening H4135 [H8787] it is cut down, H3001 [H8804] and withereth.

Psalms 92:7

  7 H7563 When the wicked H6524 [H8800] spring H6212 as the grass, H6466 [H8802] and when all the workers H205 of nothingness H6692 [H8686] do flourish; H8045 [H8736] it is that they shall be desolated H5703 for ever:

Psalms 129:5-7

  5 H954 [H8799] Let them all be pale H5472 [H8735] and turned H268 back H8130 [H8802] that hate H6726 Zion.
  6 H2682 Let them be as the grass H1406 upon the housetops, H3001 [H8804] which withereth H6927 before H8025 [H8804] it groweth up:
  7 H7114 [H8802] With which the mower H4390 [H8765] filleth H3709 not his palm; H6014 [H8764] nor he that bindeth sheaves H2683 his bosom.

James 1:10-11

  10 G1161 But G4145 the rich, G1722 in G846 his G5014 humiliation: G3754 because G5613 as G438 a flower G5528 of the grass G3928 [G5695] he shall pass away.
  11 G1063 For G2246 the sun G393 [G5656] did rise G4862 with G2742 a burning heat, G2532 and G3583 [G5656] it withered G5528 the grass, G2532 and G846 its G438 flower G1601 [G5627] fell out, G2532 and G2143 the good befittedness G846 of its G4383 fashion G622 [G5639] is made lost: G3779 so G2532 also G3133 0 shall G4145 the rich man G3133 [G5701] fade away G1722 in G846 his G4197 ways.

1 Peter 1:24

  24 G1360 For G3956 all G4561 flesh G5613 is as G5528 grass, G2532 and G3956 all G1391 the glory G444 of man G5613 as G438 the flower G5528 of grass. G5528 The grass G3583 [G5681] withered, G2532 and G846 its G438 flower G1601 [G5627] fell out:

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