Revelation 9:20 Cross References - new

  20 G2532 And G3062 the rest G444 of the men G3739 who G615 0 were G3756 not G615 [G5681] killed G1722 by G5025 these G4127 plagues G3340 0 [G5656] changed G3777 not G3340 [G5656] their minds G1537 of G2041 the works G846 of their G5495 hands, G3363 0 that G4352 0 they should G3363 not G4352 [G5661] worship G1140 demons, G2532 and G1497 idols G5552 of gold, G2532 and G693 silver, G2532 and G5470 brass, G2532 and G3035 stone, G2532 and G3585 of wood: G3739 which G3777 neither G1410 [G5736] can G991 [G5721] see, G3777 nor G191 [G5721] hear, G3777 nor G4043 [G5721] walk:

Leviticus 17:7

  7 H2076 [H8799] And they shall no more offer H2077 their sacrifices H8163 to demons, H310 with H2181 [H8802] which they have committed idolatry. H2708 This shall be a statute H5769 to the age H1755 to them throughout their generations.

Deuteronomy 31:29

  29 H3045 [H8804] For I know H310 that after H4194 my death H7843 [H8687] ye will utterly H7843 [H8686] decay H5493 [H8804] yourselves, and turn aside H1870 from the way H6680 [H8765] which I have commanded H7451 you; and evil H7122 [H8804] will befall H319 you in the latter H3117 days; H6213 [H8799] because ye will do H7451 evil H5869 in the eyes H3068 of the LORD, H3707 [H8687] to vex him H4639 through the work H3027 of your hands.

Deuteronomy 32:17

  17 H2076 [H8799] They sacrificed H7700 to demons, H433 not to God; H430 to gods H3045 [H8804] which they knew H2319 not, to new H935 0 gods that came H7138 newly H935 [H8804] up, H1 whom your fathers H8175 [H8804] feared not.

2 Kings 22:17

  17 H5800 [H8804] Because they have forsaken H6999 [H8762] me, and have burned incense H312 to other H430 gods, H3707 [H8687] that they might provoke me to anger H4639 with all the works H3027 of their hands; H2534 therefore my hot anger H3341 [H8738] shall be kindled H4725 against this place, H3518 [H8799] and shall not be quenched.

2 Chronicles 28:22

  22 H6256 And in the time H6887 [H8687] of his distress H4603 [H8800] he trespassed H3254 [H8686] yet more H3068 against the LORD: H4428 this is that king H271 Ahaz.

2 Chronicles 34:25

  25 H5800 [H8804] Because they have forsaken H6999 H6999 [H8762] me, and have burned incense H312 to other H430 gods, H3707 [H8687] that they might provoke me to anger H4639 with all the works H3027 of their hands; H2534 therefore my hot anger H5413 [H8799] shall be poured out H4725 upon this place, H3518 [H8799] and shall not be quenched.

Psalms 106:37

  37 H2076 [H8799] Yea, they sacrificed H1121 their sons H1323 and their daughters H7700 to demons,

Psalms 115:4-8

  4 H6091 Their idols H3701 are silver H2091 and gold, H4639 the work H120 of men's H3027 hands.
  5 H6310 They have mouths, H1696 [H8762] but they speak H5869 not: eyes H7200 [H8799] have they, but they see not:
  6 H241 They have ears, H8085 [H8799] but they hear H639 not: noses H7306 [H8686] have they, but they smell not:
  7 H3027 They have hands, H4184 [H8686] but they handle H7272 not: feet H1980 [H8762] have they, but they walk H1897 [H8799] not: neither speak H1627 they through their throat.
  8 H6213 [H8802] They that make H982 [H8802] them are like them; so is every one that trusteth in them.

Psalms 135:15-18

  15 H6091 The idols H1471 of the nations H3701 are silver H2091 and gold, H4639 the work H120 of men's H3027 hands.
  16 H6310 They have mouths, H1696 [H8762] but they speak H5869 not; eyes H7200 [H8799] have they, but they see not;
  17 H9038 They H9005 have H241 ears, H9002 but H3808 0 they do H3808 not H238 [H8686] give ear; H637 neither H3426 is there H7307 any spirit H9003 in H9028 their H6310 mouths.
  18 H6213 [H8802] They that make H982 [H8802] them are like them: so is every one that trusteth in them.

Isaiah 2:8

  8 H776 Their land H4390 [H8735] also is full H457 of idols; H7812 [H8691] they worship H4639 the work H3027 of their own hands, H676 that which their own fingers H6213 [H8804] have made:

Isaiah 40:19-20

  19 H2796 The workman H5258 [H8804] casteth H6459 a graven image, H6884 [H8802] and the goldsmith H7554 [H8762] spreadeth H2091 it over with gold, H6884 [H8802] and casteth H3701 silver H7577 chains.
  20 H5533 H5534 [H8794] He that is so impoverished H8641 that he hath no oblation H977 [H8799] chooseth H6086 a tree H7537 [H8799] that will not rot; H1245 [H8762] he seeketh H2450 for himself a skilful H2796 workman H3559 [H8687] to prepare H6459 a graven image, H4131 [H8735] that shall not be moved.

Isaiah 41:7

  7 H2796 So the carpenter H2388 [H8762] encouraged H6884 [H8802] the goldsmith, H2505 [H8688] and he that smootheth H6360 with the hammer H1986 [H8802] him that smote H6471 the anvil, H559 [H8802] saying, H2896 It is ready H1694 for the soldering: H2388 [H8762] and he fastened H4548 it with nails, H4131 [H8735] that it should not be moved.

Isaiah 42:17-18

  17 H5472 [H8738] They shall be turned H268 back, H1322 they shall be greatly H954 [H8799] pale, H982 [H8802] that trust H6459 in graven images, H559 [H8802] that say H4541 to the molten images, H430 Ye are our gods.
  18 H8085 [H8798] Hear, H2795 ye deaf; H5027 [H8685] and look, H5787 ye blind, H7200 [H8800] that ye may see.

Isaiah 44:9-20

  9 H3335 [H8802] They that make H6459 a graven image H8414 are all of them vanity; H2530 [H8803] and their delectable things H3276 [H8686] shall not profit; H5707 and they are their own witnesses; H7200 [H8799] they see H3045 [H8799] not, nor know; H954 [H8799] that they may be pale.
  10 H3335 [H8804] Who hath formed H410 a god, H5258 [H8804] or cast H6459 a graven image H3276 [H8687] that is profitable H1115 for nothing?
  11 H2270 Behold, all his companions H954 [H8799] shall be pale: H2796 and the workmen, H120 they are of men: H6908 [H8691] let them all be gathered together, H5975 [H8799] let them stand up; H6342 [H8799] yet they shall fear, H954 [H8799] and they shall be pale H3162 together.
  12 H1270 H2796 The smith H4621 with the tongs H6466 [H8804] both worketh H6352 in the coals, H3335 [H8799] and fashioneth H4717 it with hammers, H6466 [H8799] and worketh H3581 it with the strength H2220 of his arms: H7457 yea, he is hungry, H3581 and his strength H369 faileth: H8354 [H8804] he drinketh H4325 no water, H3286 [H8799] and is faint.
  13 H2796 H6086 The carpenter H5186 [H8804] stretcheth out H6957 his rule; H8388 [H8762] he marketh it out H8279 with a line; H6213 [H8799] he fitteth H4741 it with planes, H8388 [H8762] and he marketh it out H4230 with the compass, H6213 [H8799] and maketh H8403 it after the figure H376 of a man, H8597 according to the beauty H120 of a man; H3427 [H8800] that it may remain H1004 in the house.
  14 H3772 [H8800] He heweth down H730 cedars H3947 [H8799] for himself and taketh H8645 the cypress H437 and the oak, H553 [H8762] which he strengtheneth H6086 for himself among the trees H3293 of the forest: H5193 [H8804] he planteth H766 an ash, H1653 and the rain H1431 [H8762] doth nourish it.
  15 H120 Then shall it be for a man H1197 [H8763] to burn: H3947 [H8799] for he will take H2552 [H8799] of it, and warm H5400 [H8686] himself; indeed, he kindleth H644 [H8804] it, and baketh H3899 bread; H6466 [H8799] yea, he maketh H410 a god, H7812 [H8691] and worshippeth H6213 [H8804] it; he maketh H6459 it a graven image, H5456 [H8799] and falleth down to it.
  16 H8313 [H8804] He burneth H2677 part H1119 of it in H784 the fire; H2677 with part H398 [H8799] of it he eateth H1320 flesh; H6740 [H8799] he roasteth H6748 meat, H7646 [H8799] and is satisfied: H2552 [H8799] yea, he warmeth H559 [H8799] himself, and saith, H1889 Aha, H2552 [H8804] I am warm, H7200 [H8804] I have seen H217 the fire:
  17 H7611 And the rest H6213 [H8804] of it he maketh H410 a god, H6459 even his graven image: H5456 [H8799] he falleth down H7812 [H8691] to it, and worshippeth H6419 [H8691] it, and prayeth H559 [H8799] to it, and saith, H5337 [H8685] Deliver H410 me; for thou art my god.
  18 H3045 [H8804] They have not known H995 [H8799] nor understood: H2902 [H8804] for he hath shut H5869 their eyes, H7200 [H8800] that they cannot see; H3826 and their hearts, H7919 [H8687] that they cannot understand.
  19 H7725 [H8686] And none considereth H3820 in his heart, H1847 neither is there knowledge H8394 nor understanding H559 [H8800] to say, H8313 [H8804] I have burned H2677 part H1119 of it in H784 the fire; H644 [H8804] I have also baked H3899 bread H1513 upon its coals; H6740 [H8799] I have roasted H1320 flesh, H398 [H8799] and eaten H6213 [H8799] it: and shall I make H3499 the rest H8441 of it an abomination? H5456 [H8799] shall I fall down H944 to the stock H6086 of a tree?
  20 H7462 [H8802] He feedeth H665 on ashes: H2048 [H8795] a deceived H3820 heart H5186 [H8689] hath turned him aside, H5337 [H8686] that he cannot deliver H5315 his breath, H559 [H8799] nor say, H8267 Is there not a lie H3225 in my right hand?

Isaiah 46:5-7

  5 H1819 [H8762] To whom will ye liken H7737 [H8686] me, and make me equal, H4911 [H8686] and compare H1819 [H8799] me, that we may be like?
  6 H2107 [H8801] They lavish H2091 gold H3599 out of the bag, H8254 [H8799] and weigh H3701 silver H7070 in the balance, H7936 [H8799] and hire H6884 [H8802] a goldsmith; H6213 [H8799] and he maketh H410 it a god: H5456 [H8799] they fall down, H7812 [H8691] yea, they worship.
  7 H5375 [H8799] They bear H3802 him upon the shoulder, H5445 [H8799] they carry H3240 [H8686] him, and set him in his place, H5975 [H8799] and he standeth; H4725 from his place H4185 [H8686] shall he not move: H6817 [H8799] yea, one shall shriek H6030 [H8799] to him, yet he cannot answer, H3467 [H8686] nor liberate H6869 him out of his tightness.

Jeremiah 1:16

  16 H1696 [H8765] And I will utter H4941 my judgments H5921 against them concerning H7451 all their evil, H5800 [H8804] who have forsaken H6999 [H8762] me, and have burned incense H312 to other H430 gods, H7812 [H8691] and worshipped H4639 the works H3027 of their own hands.

Jeremiah 5:3

  3 H3068 O LORD, H5869 are not thine eyes H530 upon the truth? H5221 [H8689] thou hast stricken H2342 [H8804] them, but they have not grieved; H3615 [H8765] thou hast consumed H3985 [H8765] them, but they have refused H3947 [H8800] to receive H4148 correction: H6440 they have made their faces H2388 [H8765] harder H5553 than a rock; H3985 [H8765] they have refused H7725 [H8800] to return.

Jeremiah 8:4-6

  4 H559 [H8804] Moreover thou shalt say H559 [H8804] to them, Thus saith H3068 the LORD; H5307 [H8799] Shall they fall, H6965 [H8799] and not rise? H7725 [H8799] shall he turn away, H7725 [H8799] and not return?
  5 H5971 Why then hath this people H3389 of Jerusalem H7725 [H8790] slidden back H5329 [H8737] by a perpetual H4878 backsliding? H2388 [H8689] they hold H8649 fast deceit, H3985 [H8765] they refuse H7725 [H8800] to return.
  6 H7181 [H8689] I hearkened H8085 [H8799] and heard, H1696 [H8762] but they spoke not aright: H376 no man H5162 [H8737] sighed H5921 of H7451 his evil, H559 [H8800] saying, H6213 [H8804] What have I done? H7725 [H8804] every one turned H4794 to his course, H5483 as the horse H7857 [H8802] rusheth H4421 to the battle.

Jeremiah 10:3-5

  3 H2708 For the customs H5971 of the people H1892 are vain: H3772 [H8804] for one cutteth H6086 a tree H3293 out of the forest, H4639 the work H3027 of the hands H2796 of the workman, H4621 with the axe.
  4 H3302 [H8762] They deck H3701 it with silver H2091 and with gold; H2388 [H8762] they fasten H4548 it with nails H4717 and with hammers, H6328 [H8686] that it may not move.
  5 H4749 They are upright H8560 as the palm tree, H1696 [H8762] but speak H5375 [H8800] not: they must needs H5375 [H8735] be borne, H6805 [H8799] because they cannot go. H3372 [H8799] Be not afraid H7489 [H8686] of them; for they cannot do evil, H3190 [H8687] neither also is it in them to do good.

Jeremiah 10:8-9

  8 H259 But they are altogether H1197 [H8799] stupid H3688 [H8799] and foolish: H6086 the stock H4148 is a doctrine H1892 of vanities.
  9 H3701 Silver H7554 [H8794] beaten into plates H935 [H8714] is brought H8659 from Tarshish, H2091 and gold H210 from Uphaz, H4639 the work H2796 of the craftsman, H3027 and of the hands H6884 [H8802] of the goldsmith: H8504 blue H713 and purple H3830 is their clothing: H4639 they are all the work H2450 of skilful men.

Jeremiah 10:14-15

  14 H120 Every man H1197 [H8738] is stupid H1847 in his knowledge: H6884 [H8802] every goldsmith H3001 [H8689] is confounded H6459 by the graven image: H5262 for his molten image H8267 is falsehood, H7307 and there is no breath in them.
  15 H1892 They are vanity, H4639 and the work H8595 of errors: H6256 in the time H6486 of their punishment H6 [H8799] they shall perish.

Jeremiah 15:19-20

  19 H559 [H8804] Therefore thus saith H3068 the LORD, H7725 [H8799] If thou shalt return, H7725 [H8686] then will I bring thee again, H5975 [H8799] and thou shalt stand H6440 at the face of H3318 [H8686] me: and if thou shalt separate H3368 the precious H2151 [H8802] from the vile, H6310 thou shalt be as my mouth: H7725 [H8799] let them return H7725 [H8799] to thee; but return not thou to them.
  20 H5414 [H8804] And I will make H5971 thee to this people H1219 [H8803] a fortified H5178 brasen H2346 wall: H3898 [H8738] and they shall fight H3201 [H8799] against thee, but they shall not prevail H3467 [H8687] against thee: for I am with thee to liberate H5337 [H8687] thee and to deliver H5002 [H8803] thee, saith H3068 the LORD.

Jeremiah 25:6

  6 H3212 [H8799] And go H310 not after H312 other H430 gods H5647 [H8800] to serve H7812 [H8692] them, and to worship H3707 [H8686] them, and provoke me not to anger H4639 with the works H3027 of your hands; H7489 [H8686] and I will do you no harm.

Jeremiah 44:8

  8 H3707 [H8687] In that ye provoke me to wrath H4639 with the works H3027 of your hands, H6999 [H8763] burning incense H312 to other H430 gods H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt, H935 [H8802] where ye are gone H1481 [H8800] to dwell, H3772 [H8687] that ye may cut yourselves off, H7045 and that ye may be a curse H2781 and a reproach H1471 among all the nations H776 of the earth?

Jeremiah 51:17

  17 H120 Every man H1197 [H8738] is stupid H1847 by his knowledge; H6884 [H8802] every goldsmith H3001 [H8689] is confounded H6459 by the graven image: H5262 for his molten image H8267 is falsehood, H7307 and there is no spirit in them.

Daniel 5:23

  23 H7313 [H8712] But hast lifted up H5922 thyself against H4756 the Lord H8065 of heaven; H858 [H8684] and they have brought H3984 the vessels H1005 of his house H6925 before H607 thee, and thou, H7261 and thy lords, H7695 thy consorts, H3904 and thy concubines, H8355 [H8750] have drunk H2562 wine H7624 [H8745] in them; and thou hast praised H426 the gods H3702 of silver, H1722 and gold, H5174 of brass, H6523 iron, H636 wood, H69 and stone, H2370 [H8751] which see H3809 not, H3809 nor H8086 [H8750] hear, H3809 nor H3046 [H8751] know: H426 and the God H3028 in whose hand H5396 thy breath H3606 is, and whose are all H735 thy ways, H3809 thou hast not H1922 [H8745] glorified:

Habakkuk 2:18-20

  18 H3276 [H8689] What profiteth H6459 the graven image H3335 [H8802] that its maker H6458 [H8804] hath engraved H4541 it; the molten image, H3384 [H8688] and a teacher H8267 of lies, H3335 [H8802] that the maker H3336 of his work H982 [H8804] trusteth H6213 [H8800] in it, to make H483 dumb H457 idols?
  19 H1945 Woe H559 [H8802] to him that saith H6086 to the wood, H6974 [H8685] Awake; H1748 to the dumb H68 stone, H5782 [H8798] Arise, H3384 [H8686] it shall teach! H8610 [H8803] Behold, it is laid H2091 over with gold H3701 and silver, H7307 and there is no spirit H7130 at all within it.
  20 H3068 But the LORD H6944 is in his holy H1964 temple: H776 let all the earth H2013 [H8761] keep silence H6440 at the face of him.

Matthew 21:32

  32 G1063 { For G2491 John G2064 [G5627] came G4314 to G5209 you G1722 in G3598 the way G1343 of righteousness, G2532 and G4100 [G5656] ye believed G846 him G3756 not: G1161 but G5057 the tax collectors G2532 and G4204 the harlots G4100 [G5656] believed G846 him: G1161 and G5210 ye, G1492 [G5631] when ye had seen G3338 [G5675] it, regretted G3756 not G5305 afterward, G4100 [G5658] that ye might believe G846 him.}

Acts 7:41

  41 G2532 And G3447 [G5656] they made a calf G1722 in G1565 those G2250 days, G2532 and G321 [G5627] offered G2378 sacrifice G1497 to the idol, G2532 and G2165 [G5712] were merry G1722 in G2041 the works G846 of their own G5495 hands.

Acts 17:29

  29 G5225 [G5723] Being G3767 then G1085 the offspring G2316 of God, G3784 [G5719] we ought G3756 not G3543 [G5721] to think G3588 that the G2304 Godhead G1511 [G5750] is G3664 like G5557 gold, G2228 or G696 silver, G2228 or G3037 stone, G5480 an imprint G5078 of a craft, G2532 and G444 man's G1761 pondering.

Acts 19:26

  26 G2532 Moreover G2334 [G5719] ye see G2532 and G191 [G5719] hear, G3754 that G3756 not G3440 alone G2181 at Ephesus, G235 but G4975 almost G3956 throughout all G773 Asia, G3778 this G3972 Paul G3982 [G5660] hath persuaded G3179 [G5656] and turned away G2425 a sufficient G3793 crowd, G3004 [G5723] saying G3754 that G1526 [G5748] they are G3756 no G2316 gods, G3588 which G1096 [G5740] are made G1223 with G5495 hands:

Romans 1:21-23

  21 G1360 Because G1097 [G5631] that, when they knew G2316 God, G1392 [G5656] they glorified G3756 him not G5613 as G2316 God, G2228 neither G2168 [G5656] were thankful; G235 but G3154 [G5681] became vain G1722 in G846 their G1261 imaginations, G2532 and G846 their G2588 heart G4654 [G5681] was darkened G801 without understanding.
  22 G5335 [G5723] Asserting themselves G1511 [G5750] to be G4680 wise, G3471 [G5681] they became fools,
  23 G2532 And G236 [G5656] changed G1391 the glory G862 of the incorruptible G2316 God G1722 into G1504 an image G3667 made like G5349 corruptible G444 man, G2532 and G4071 birds, G2532 and G5074 fourfooted beasts, G2532 and G2062 creeping things.

1 Corinthians 10:20-21

  20 G235 But G3754 I say, that G3739 the things which G1484 the nations G2380 [G5719] sacrifice, G2380 [G5719] they sacrifice G1140 to demons, G2532 and G3756 not G2316 to God: G1161 and G2309 [G5719] I would G3756 not G5209 that ye G1096 [G5738] should have G2844 partnership G1140 with demons.
  21 G3756 G1410 [G5736] Ye cannot G4095 [G5721] drink G4221 the cup G2962 of the Lord, G2532 and G4221 the cup G1140 of demons: G3756 G1410 [G5736] ye cannot G3348 [G5721] be partakers G2962 of the Lord's G5132 table, G2532 and G5132 of the table G1140 of demons.

2 Corinthians 12:21

  21 G3361 And lest, G2064 [G5631] when I come G3825 again, G3450 my G2316 God G5013 [G5661] may humble G3165 me G4314 among G5209 you, G2532 and G3996 [G5692] I shall bewail G4183 many G3588 who G4258 [G5761] have sinned already, G2532 and G3340 0 have G3361 not G3340 [G5660] changed their minds G1909 of G167 the uncleanness G2532 and G4202 fornication G2532 and G766 lasciviousness G3739 which G4238 [G5656] they have committed.

1 Timothy 4:1

  1 G1161 Now G4151 the Spirit G3004 [G5719] speaketh G4490 expressly, G3754 that G1722 in G5306 the latter G2540 seasons G5100 some G868 [G5695] shall depart from G4102 the faith, G4337 [G5723] giving heed G4108 to seducing G4151 spirits, G2532 and G1319 teachings G1140 of demons;

Revelation 2:21-22

  21 G2532 { And G1325 [G5656] I gave G846 her G5550 time G2443 to G3340 [G5661] change her mind; G2532 and G3340 0 [G5656] she changed G3756 not G3340 [G5656] her mind G1537 of G846 her G4202 fornication.}
  22 G2400 [G5628] { Behold, G1473 I G906 [G5719] will cast G846 her G1519 into G2825 a bed, G2532 and G3431 [G5723] them that commit adultery G3326 with G846 her G1519 into G3173 great G2347 tribulation, G3362 unless G3340 [G5661] they should change their minds G1537 of G846 her G2041 deeds.}

Revelation 9:21

  21 G2532 And G3756 neither G3340 [G5656] changed their minds G1537 of G846 their G5408 murders, G3777 nor G1537 of G846 their G5331 sorceries, G3777 nor G1537 of G846 their G4202 fornication, G3777 nor G1537 of G846 their G2809 thefts.

Revelation 16:8

  8 G2532 And G5067 the fourth G32 messenger G1632 [G5656] poured out G846 his G5357 vial G1909 upon G2246 the sun; G2532 and G1325 [G5681] it was given G846 to him G2739 [G5658] to scorch G444 men G1722 with G4442 fire.

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