Romans 7:24 Cross References - new

  24 G5005 O wretched G444 man G1473 that I am! G5101 who G4506 [G5695] shall deliver G3165 me G1537 from G4983 the body G5127 of this G2288 death?

Deuteronomy 22:26-27

  26 H5291 But to the damsel H6213 [H8799] thou shalt do H1697 nothing; H5291 there is in the damsel H2399 no sin H4194 worthy of death: H376 for as when a man H6965 [H8799] riseth H7453 against his neighbour, H7523 H5315 [H8804] and slayeth H1697 him, even so is this matter:
  27 H4672 [H8804] For he found H7704 her in the field, H781 [H8794] and the betrothed H5291 damsel H6817 [H8804] shrieked, H3467 [H8688] and there was none to liberate her.

1 Kings 8:38

  38 H8605 Whatever prayer H8467 and supplication H120 shall be made by any man, H5971 or by all thy people H3478 Israel, H3045 [H8799] who shall know H376 every man H5061 the plague H3824 of his own heart, H6566 [H8804] and spread forth H3709 his palms H1004 toward this house:

Psalms 6:6

  6 H3021 [H8804] I am weary H585 with my groaning; H3915 all the night H4296 I make my bed H7811 [H8686] to swim; H4529 [H8686] I water H6210 my couch H1832 with my tears.

Psalms 32:3-4

  3 H2790 [H8689] When I kept silence, H6106 my bones H1086 [H8804] became old H7581 through my roaring H3117 all the day long.
  4 H3119 For day H3915 and night H3027 thine hand H3513 [H8799] was heavy H3955 upon me: my moisture H2015 [H8738] is turned H2725 into the drought H7019 of summer. H5542 Selah.

Psalms 38:2

  2 H2671 For thine arrows H5181 [H8738] stick fast H3027 in me, and thine hand H5181 [H8799] falleth heavy upon me.

Psalms 38:8-10

  8 H6313 [H8738] I am feeble H3966 and grievously H1794 [H8738] crushed: H7580 [H8804] I have roared H5100 by reason of the disquietness H3820 of my heart.
  9 H136 Lord, H8378 all my desire H585 is before thee; and my groaning H5641 [H8738] is not hid from thee.
  10 H3820 My heart H5503 [H8773] panteth, H3581 my strength H5800 [H8804] faileth H216 me: as for the light H5869 of my eyes, H1992 that H369 also is gone from me.

Psalms 71:11

  11 H559 [H8800] Saying, H430 God H5800 [H8804] hath forsaken H7291 [H8798] him: persecute H8610 [H8798] and take H5337 [H8688] him; for there is none to deliver him.

Psalms 72:12

  12 H5337 [H8686] For he shall deliver H34 the needy H7768 [H8764] when he hallooeth; H6041 the poor H5826 [H8802] also, and him that hath no helper.

Psalms 77:3-9

  3 H2142 [H8799] I remembered H430 God, H1993 [H8799] and was troubled: H7878 [H8799] I complained, H7307 and my spirit H5848 [H8691] was overwhelmed. H5542 Selah.
  4 H270 [H8804] Thou holdest H5869 my eyes H8109 waking: H6470 [H8738] I am so troubled H1696 [H8762] that I cannot speak.
  5 H2803 [H8765] I have considered H3117 the days H6924 of old, H8141 the years H5769 of ancient times.
  6 H2142 [H8799] I call to remembrance H5058 my song H3915 in the night: H7878 [H8799] I commune H3824 with my own heart: H7307 and my spirit H2664 [H8762] made diligent search.
  7 H136 Will the Lord H2186 [H8799] cast off H5769 to the age? H3254 [H8686] and will H7521 [H8800] he be favourable no more?
  8 H2617 Is his mercy H656 [H8804] wholly gone H5331 for ever? H562 doth his promise H1584 [H8804] fail H1755 for evermore?
  9 H410 Hath God H7911 [H8804] forgotten H2589 [H8800] to be gracious? H639 hath he in anger H7092 [H8804] shut up H7356 his compassions? H5542 Selah.

Psalms 88:5

  5 H2670 Free H4191 [H8801] among the dead, H2491 like the slain H7901 [H8802] that lie H6913 in the burying-place, H2142 [H8804] whom thou rememberest H1504 [H8738] no more: and they are cut off H3027 from thine hand.

Psalms 91:14-15

  14 H2836 [H8804] Because he hath set his love H6403 [H8762] upon me, therefore will I deliver H7682 [H8762] him: I will set him on high, H3045 [H8804] because he hath known H8034 my name.
  15 H7121 [H8799] He shall call H6030 [H8799] upon me, and I will answer H6869 him: I will be with him in tightness; H2502 [H8762] I will deliver H3513 [H8762] him, and honour him.

Psalms 102:20

  20 H8085 [H8800] To hear H603 the groaning H615 of the prisoner; H6605 [H8763] to loose H1121 those that are appointed H8546 to death;

Psalms 119:20

  20 H5315 My breath H1638 [H8804] breaketh H8375 for the longing H4941 that it hath to thy judgments H6256 at all times.

Psalms 119:81-83

  81 H5315 CAPH. My breath H3615 [H8804] fainteth H8668 for thy salvation: H3176 [H8765] but I hope H1697 in thy word.
  82 H5869 My eyes H3615 [H8804] fail H565 for thy word, H559 [H8800] saying, H5162 [H8762] When wilt thou comfort me?
  83 H4997 For I am become like a bottle H7008 in the smoke; H7911 [H8804] yet I do not forget H2706 thy statutes.

Psalms 119:131

  131 H6473 [H8804] I opened H6310 my mouth, H7602 [H8799] and panted: H2968 [H8804] for I longed H4687 for thy commandments.

Psalms 119:143

  143 H6862 Trouble H4689 and anguish H4672 [H8804] have taken hold H4687 on me: yet thy commandments H8191 are my delights.

Psalms 119:176

  176 H8582 [H8804] I have gone astray H6 [H8802] like a lost H7716 sheep; H1245 [H8761] seek H5650 thy servant; H7911 [H8804] for I do not forget H4687 thy commandments.

Psalms 130:1-3

  1 H4615 Out of the depths H7121 [H8804] have I called H3068 to thee, O LORD.
  2 H136 Lord, H8085 [H8798] hear H6963 my voice: H241 let thine ears H7183 be attentive H6963 to the voice H8469 of my supplications.
  3 H3050 If thou, LORD, H8104 [H8799] shouldest mark H5771 perversities, H136 O Lord, H5975 [H8799] who shall stand?

Ezekiel 9:4

  4 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8799] said H5674 [H8798] to him, Go through H8432 the midst H5892 of the city, H8432 through the midst H3389 of Jerusalem, H8427 [H8689] and set H8420 a mark H4696 upon the foreheads H582 of the men H584 [H8737] that sigh H602 [H8737] and that groan H8441 for all the abominations H6213 [H8737] that are done H8432 in the midst of it.

Micah 7:19

  19 H7725 [H8799] He will turn again, H7355 [H8762] he will have compassion H3533 [H8799] upon us; he will subdue H5771 our perversities; H7993 [H8686] and thou wilt cast H2403 all their sins H4688 into the depths H3220 of the sea.

Zechariah 9:11-12

  11 H1818 As for thee also, by the blood H1285 of thy covenant H7971 [H8765] I have sent forth H615 thy prisoners H953 out of the hole H4325 in which is no water.
  12 H7725 [H8798] Return H1225 to the strong hold, H615 ye prisoners H8615 of hope: H3117 even to day H5046 [H8688] do I declare H7725 [H8686] that I will render H4932 double to thee;

Matthew 5:4

  4 G3107 { Blessed G3996 [G5723] are they that mourn: G3754 for G846 they G3870 [G5701] shall be comforted.}

Matthew 5:6

  6 G3107 { Blessed G3588 are they who G3983 [G5723] hunger G2532 and G1372 [G5723] thirst G1343 for righteousness: G3754 for G846 they G5526 [G5701] shall be filled.}

Luke 4:18

  18 G4151 { The Spirit G2962 of the Lord G1909 is upon G1691 me, G1752 because G5548 [G5656] he hath anointed G3165 me G2097 [G5733] to announce good news G4434 to the poor; G649 [G5758] he hath sent G3165 me G2390 [G5664] to heal G4937 G2588 [G5772] the brokenhearted, G2784 [G5658] to proclaim G859 deliverance G164 to the captives, G2532 and G309 recovering of sight G5185 to the blind, G649 [G5658] to set G1722 at G859 liberty G2352 [G5772] them that are bruised,}

Romans 6:6

  6 G1097 [G5723] Knowing G5124 this, G3754 that G2257 our G3820 old G444 man G4957 [G5681] is crucified with G2443 him, that G4983 the body G266 of sin G2673 [G5686] may be rendered useless, G3371 0 that henceforth G2248 we G1398 0 should G3371 not G1398 [G5721] be a slave G266 of sin.

Romans 8:2

  2 G1063 For G3551 the law G4151 of the Spirit G2222 of life G1722 in G5547 Anointed G2424 Jesus G1659 0 hath made G3165 me G1659 [G5656] free G575 from G3551 the law G266 of sin G2532 and G2288 death.

Romans 8:13

  13 G1063 For G1487 if G2198 [G5719] ye live G2596 according to G4561 the flesh, G3195 [G5719] ye shall G599 [G5721] die: G1161 but G1487 if G2289 0 ye G4151 through the Spirit G2289 [G5719] mortify G4234 the actions G4983 of the body, G2198 [G5695] ye shall live.

Romans 8:26

  26 G1161   G5615 Likewise G4151 the Spirit G2532 also G4878 [G5736] helpeth G2257 our G769 infirmity: G1063 for G1492 [G5758] we know G3756 not G5101 what G4336 [G5667] we should pray for G2526 as G1163 [G5748] we ought: G235 but G4151 the Spirit G846 himself G5241 [G5719] maketh intercession G5228 for G2257 us G4726 with groanings G215 which cannot be uttered.

2 Corinthians 1:8-10

  8 G1063 For G2309 [G5719] we would G3756 not, G80 brethren, G50 0 have G5209 you G50 [G5721] ignorant G5228 of G2257 our G2347 affliction G3588 which G1096 [G5637] came G2254 to us G1722 in G773 Asia, G3754 that G916 [G5681] were weighed down G2596 according to G5236 excess, G5228 above G1411 power, G5620 so G2248 that we G1820 [G5683] despaired G2532 even G2198 [G5721] of life:
  9 G235 G846 But G2192 [G5758] we had G610 the sentence G2288 of death G1722 in G1438 ourselves, G3363 0 that G3982 0 we should G3363 not G3982 [G5756] trust G1909 in G1438 G5600 [G5753] ourselves, G235 but G1909 in G2316 God G3588 who G1453 [G5723] raiseth G3498 the dead:
  10 G3739 Who G4506 [G5673] delivered G2248 us G1537 from G5082 so great G2288 a death, G2532 and G4506 [G5736] doth deliver: G1519 in G3739 whom G1679 [G5758] we have placed our expectation G3754 that G4506 0 G2532 he will G2089 yet G4506 [G5695] deliver us;

2 Corinthians 12:7-9

  7 G2532 And G3363 lest G5229 [G5747] I should be exalted above measure G3588 through the G5236 excellence G3588 of the G602 revelations, G1325 [G5681] there was given G3427 to me G4647 a thorn G4561 in the flesh, G32 the messenger G4566 of the adversary G2443 to G2852 [G5725] buffet G3165 me, G3363 lest G5229 [G5747] I should be exalted above measure.
  8 G5228 For G5127 this thing G3870 [G5656] I besought G2962 the Lord G5151 three times, G2443 that G868 [G5632] it might depart G575 from G1700 me.
  9 G2532 And G2046 [G5758] he said G3427 to me, G3450 { My G5485 grace G714 [G5719] is sufficient G4671 for thee: G1063 for G3450 my G1411 power G5048 [G5743] is made perfect G1722 in G769 weakness. G2236 } Most gladly G3767 therefore G2744 0 will I G3123 rather G2744 [G5695] boast G1722 in G3450 my G769 infirmities, G2443 that G3588 the G1411 power G3588 of the G5547 Anointed G1981 [G5661] may rest G1909 upon G1691 me.

Colossians 2:11

  11 G1722 In G3739 whom G2532 also G4059 [G5681] ye are circumcised G4061 with the circumcision G886 made without hands, G1722 in G555 putting off G4983 the body G266 of the sins G4561 of the flesh G1722 by G4061 the circumcision G5547 of Anointed:

2 Timothy 4:18

  18 G2532 And G2962 the Lord G4506 [G5695] shall deliver G3165 me G575 from G3956 every G4190 evil G2041 work, G2532 and G4982 [G5692] will preserve G1519 me to G846 his G2032 heavenly G932 kingdom: G3739 to whom G1391 be glory G1519 to G3588 the G165 ages G3588 of the G165 ages. G281 Amen.

Titus 2:14

  14 G3739 Who G1325 [G5656] gave G1438 himself G5228 for G2257 us, G2443 that G3084 [G5672] he might ransom G2248 us G575 from G3956 all G458 lawlessness, G2532 and G2511 [G5661] purify G1438 to himself G4041 his own special G2992 people, G2207 zealous G2570 of good G2041 works.
  15 G2532 And G525 [G5661] set free G5128 them G3745 who G1223 through G5401 fear G2288 of death G2258 [G5713] were G3956 all G2198 [G5721] their lifetime G1777 subject G1397 to bondage.

Revelation 21:4

  4 G2532 And G2316 God G1813 [G5692] shall wipe away G3956 all G1144 tears G575 from G846 their G3788 eyes; G2532 and G2071 [G5704] there shall be G3756 no G2089 more G2288 death, G3777 neither G3997 mourning, G3777 nor G2906 crying, G3777 G3756 neither G2071 [G5704] shall there be G2089 any more G4192 toil: G3754 for G4413 the former things G565 [G5627] have passed away.

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