1 Chronicles

  1 H121 Adam, H8352 Sheth, H583 Enosh,
  2 H7018 Kenan, H4111 Mahalaleel, H3382 Jered,
  3 H2585 Henoch, H4968 Methuselah, H3929 Lamech,
  4 H5146 Noah, H8035 Shem, H2526 Ham, H3315 and Japheth.
  5 H1121 The sons H3315 of Japheth; H1586 Gomer, H4031 and Magog, H4074 and Madai, H3120 and Javan, H8422 and Tubal, H4902 and Meshech, H8494 and Tiras.
  6 H1121 And the sons H1586 of Gomer; H813 Ashchenaz, H7384 and Riphath, H8425 and Togarmah.
  7 H1121 And the sons H3120 of Javan; H473 Elishah, H8659 and Tarshish, H3794 Kittim, H1721 and Dodanim.
  8 H1121 The sons H2526 of Ham; H3568 Cush, H4714 and Mizraim, H6316 Put, H3667 and Canaan.
  9 H1121 And the sons H3568 of Cush; H5434 Seba, H2341 and Havilah, H5454 and Sabta, H7484 and Raamah, H5455 and Sabtecha. H1121 And the sons H7484 of Raamah; H7614 Sheba, H1719 and Dedan.
  10 H3568 And Cush H3205 [H8804] begat H5248 Nimrod: H2490 [H8689] he began H1368 to be mighty H776 upon the earth.
  11 H4714 And Mizraim H3205 [H8804] begat H3866 Ludim, H6047 and Anamim, H3853 and Lehabim, H5320 and Naphtuhim,
  12 H6625 And Pathrusim, H3695 and Casluhim, H3318 [H8804] (of whom came H6430 the Philistines, H3732 ) and Caphthorim.
  13 H3667 And Canaan H3205 [H8804] begat H6721 Zidon H1060 his firstborn, H2845 and Heth,
  14 H2983 The Jebusite H567 also, and the Amorite, H1622 and the Girgashite,
  15 H2340 And the Hivite, H6208 and the Arkite, H5513 and the Sinite,
  16 H721 And the Arvadite, H6786 and the Zemarite, H2577 and the Hamathite.
  17 H1121 The sons H8035 of Shem; H5867 Elam, H804 and Asshur, H775 and Arphaxad, H3865 and Lud, H758 and Aram, H5780 and Uz, H2343 and Hul, H1666 and Gether, H4902 and Meshech.
  18 H775 And Arphaxad H3205 [H8804] begat H7974 Shelah, H7974 and Shelah H3205 [H8804] begat H5677 Eber.
  19 H5677 And to Eber H3205 [H8795] were born H8147 two H1121 sons: H8034 the name H259 of the one H6389 was Peleg; H3117 because in his days H776 the earth H6385 [H8738] was divided: H251 and his brother's H8034 name H3355 was Joktan.
  20 H3355 And Joktan H3205 [H8804] begat H486 Almodad, H8026 and Sheleph, H2700 and Hazarmaveth, H3392 and Jerah,
  21 H1913 Hadoram H187 also, and Uzal, H1853 and Diklah,
  22 H5858 And Ebal, H39 and Abimael, H7614 and Sheba,
  23 H211 And Ophir, H2341 and Havilah, H3103 and Jobab. H1121 All these were the sons H3355 of Joktan.
  24 H8035 Shem, H775 Arphaxad, H7974 Shelah,
  25 H5677 Eber, H6389 Peleg, H7466 Reu,
  26 H8286 Serug, H5152 Nahor, H8646 Terah,
  27 H87 Abram; H85 the same is Abraham.
  28 H1121 The sons H85 of Abraham; H3327 Isaac, H3458 and Ishmael.
  29 H8435 These are their generations: H1060 The firstborn H3458 of Ishmael, H5032 Nebaioth; H6938 then Kedar, H110 and Adbeel, H4017 and Mibsam,
  30 H4927 Mishma, H1746 and Dumah, H4854 Massa, H2301 Hadad, H8485 and Tema,
  31 H3195 Jetur, H5305 Naphish, H6929 and Kedemah. H1121 These are the sons H3458 of Ishmael.
  32 H1121 Now the sons H6989 of Keturah, H85 Abraham's H6370 concubine: H3205 [H8804] she bore H2175 Zimran, H3370 and Jokshan, H4091 and Medan, H4080 and Midian, H3435 and Ishbak, H7744 and Shuah. H1121 And the sons H3370 of Jokshan; H7614 Sheba, H1719 and Dedan.
  33 H1121 And the sons H4080 of Midian; H5891 Ephah, H6081 and Epher, H2585 and Henoch, H28 and Abida, H420 and Eldaah. H1121 All these are the sons H6989 of Keturah.
  34 H85 And Abraham H3205 [H8686] begat H3327 Isaac. H1121 The sons H3327 of Isaac; H6215 Esau H3478 and Israel.
  35 H1121 The sons H6215 of Esau; H464 Eliphaz, H7467 Reuel, H3266 and Jeush, H3281 and Jaalam, H7141 and Korah.
  36 H1121 The sons H464 of Eliphaz; H8487 Teman, H201 and Omar, H6825 Zephi, H1609 and Gatam, H7073 Kenaz, H8555 and Timna, H6002 and Amalek.
  37 H1121 The sons H7467 of Reuel; H5184 Nahath, H2226 Zerah, H8048 Shammah, H4199 and Mizzah.
  38 H1121 And the sons H8165 of Seir; H3877 Lotan, H7732 and Shobal, H6649 and Zibeon, H6034 and Anah, H1787 and Dishon, H687 and Ezer, H1789 and Dishan.
  39 H1121 And the sons H3877 of Lotan; H2753 Hori, H1950 and Homam: H8555 and Timna H3877 was Lotan's H269 sister.
  40 H1121 The sons H7732 of Shobal; H5935 Alian, H4506 and Manahath, H5858 and Ebal, H8195 Shephi, H208 and Onam. H1121 And the sons H6649 of Zibeon; H345 Aiah, H6034 and Anah.
  41 H1121 The sons H6034 of Anah; H1787 Dishon. H1121 And the sons H1787 of Dishon; H2566 Amram, H790 and Eshban, H3506 and Ithran, H3763 and Cheran.
  42 H1121 The sons H687 of Ezer; H1092 Bilhan, H2190 and Zavan, H3292 and Jakan. H1121 The sons H1789 of Dishan; H5780 Uz, H765 and Aran.
  43 H4428 Now these are the kings H4427 [H8804] that reigned H776 in the land H123 of Edom H6440 at the face of H4428 any king H4427 [H8800] reigned H1121 over the sons H3478 of Israel; H1106 Bela H1121 the son H1160 of Beor: H8034 and the name H5892 of his city H1838 was Dinhabah.
  44 H1106 And when Bela H4191 [H8799] was dead, H3103 Jobab H1121 the son H2226 of Zerah H1224 of Bozrah H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.
  45 H3103 And when Jobab H4191 [H8799] was dead, H2367 Husham H776 of the land H8489 of the Temanites H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.
  46 H2367 And when Husham H4191 [H8799] was dead, H1908 Hadad H1121 the son H911 of Bedad, H5221 [H8688] who smote H4080 Midian H7704 in the field H4124 of Moab, H4427 [H8799] reigned H8034 in his stead: and the name H5892 of his city H5762 was Avith.
  47 H1908 And when Hadad H4191 [H8799] was dead, H8072 Samlah H4957 of Masrekah H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.
  48 H8072 And when Samlah H4191 [H8799] was dead, H7586 Shaul H7344 of Rehoboth H5104 by the river H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.
  49 H7586 And when Shaul H4191 [H8799] was dead, H1177 Baalhanan H1121 the son H5907 of Achbor H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.
  50 H1177 And when Baalhanan H4191 [H8799] was dead, H1908 Hadad H4427 [H8799] reigned H8034 in his stead: and the name H5892 of his city H6464 was Pai; H802 and his wife's H8034 name H4105 was Mehetabel, H1323 the daughter H4308 of Matred, H1323 the daughter H4314 of Mezahab.
  51 H1908 Hadad H4191 [H8799] died H441 also. And the chiefs H123 of Edom H441 were; chief H8555 Timnah, H441 chief H5933 Aliah, H441 chief H3509 Jetheth,
  52 H441 Chief H173 Aholibamah, H441 chief H425 Elah, H441 chief H6373 Pinon,
  53 H441 Chief H7073 Kenaz, H441 chief H8487 Teman, H441 chief H4014 Mibzar,
  54 H441 Chief H4025 Magdiel, H441 chief H5902 Iram. H441 These are the chiefs H123 of Edom.