1 Chronicles 22:3-5

  3 H1732 And David H3559 [H8689] prepared H1270 iron H7230 in abundance H4548 for the nails H1817 for the doors H8179 of the gates, H4226 and for the joinings; H5178 and brass H7230 in abundance H4948 beyond weight;
  4 H730 Also cedar H6086 trees H369 H4557 in abundance: H6722 for the Zidonians H6876 and they of Tyre H935 [H8689] brought H7230 much H730 cedar H6086 wood H1732 to David.
  5 H1732 And David H559 [H8799] said, H8010 Solomon H1121 my son H5288 is young H7390 and tender, H1004 and the house H1129 [H8800] that is to be built H3068 for the LORD H4605 must be very H1431 [H8687] magnificent, H8034 of fame H8597 and of glory H776 throughout all lands: H3559 [H8686] I will therefore now make preparation H1732 for it. So David H7230 made abundant H3559 [H8686] preparation H6440 at the face of H4194 his death.