1 Chronicles 28:14-18

  14 H2091 He gave of gold H4948 by weight H2091 for things of gold, H3627 for all instruments H5656 of all manner of service; H3627 silver also for all instruments H3701 of silver H4948 by weight, H3627 for all instruments H5656 of every kind of service:
  15 H4948 Even the weight H4501 for the lampstands H2091 of gold, H5216 and for their lamps H2091 of gold, H4948 by weight H4501 for every lampstand, H5216 and for its lamps: H4501 and for the lampstands H3701 of silver H4948 by weight, H4501 both for the lampstand, H5216 and also for its lamps, H5656 according to the use H4501 of every lampstand.
  16 H4948 And by weight H2091 he gave gold H7979 for the tables H4635 of showbread, H7979 for every table; H3701 and likewise silver H7979 for the tables H3701 of silver:
  17 H2889 Also pure H2091 gold H4207 for the fleshhooks, H4219 and the bowls, H7184 and the cups: H2091 and for the golden H3713 basins H4948 he gave gold by weight H3713 for every basin; H4948 and likewise silver by weight H3713 for every basin H3701 of silver:
  18 H4196 And for the altar H7004 of incense H2212 [H8794] refined H2091 gold H4948 by weight; H2091 and gold H8403 for the pattern H4818 of the chariot H3742 of the cherubim, H6566 [H8802] that spread out H5526 [H8802] their wings, and covered H727 the ark H1285 of the covenant H3068 of the LORD.