1 Corinthians 9:15-18

  15 G1161 But G1473 I G5530 [G5662] have used G3762 none G5130 of these things: G1161   G3756 neither G1125 [G5656] have I written G5023 these things, G2443 that G1096 0 it should be G3779 so G1096 [G5638] done G1722 to G1698 me: G1063 for G3123 it were better G3427 for me G599 G2570 [G5629] to die, G2228 than G2443 that G5100 any man G2758 0 should make G3450 my G2745 boasting G2758 [G5661] void.
  16 G1063 For G1437 though G2097 [G5735] I announce good news, G3427 I G2076 [G5748] have G3756 nothing G2745 to boast of: G1063 for G318 necessity G1945 [G5736] is laid upon G3427 me; G1161 and, G3759 woe G2076 [G5748] is G3427 to me, G3362 0 if G2097 0 I announce G3362 not G2097 [G5735] the good news!
  17 G1063 For G1487 if G4238 [G5719] I do G5124 this thing G1635 willingly, G2192 [G5719] I have G3408 a wage: G1161 but G1487 if G210 unwillingly, G3622 a management G4100 [G5769] of the belief is committed to me.
  18 G5101 What G2076 [G5748] is G3427 my G3408 wage G3767 then? G2443 Verily that, G2097 [G5734] announcing good news, G5087 [G5661] I may make G3588 the G2098 good news G5547 of Anointed G77 without charge, G1519 that G3361 I may not G2710 [G5664] abuse G3450 my G1849 authority G1722 in G3588 the G2098 good news.