1 Timothy 5

  1 G1969 [G5661] Rebuke G3361 not G4245 an elder, G235 but G3870 [G5720] exhort G5613 him as G3962 a father; G3501 and the younger men G5613 as G80 brethren;
  2 G4245 The elder women G5613 as G3384 mothers; G3501 the younger G5613 as G79 sisters, G1722 with G3956 all G47 purity.
  3 G5091 [G5720] Honour G5503 widows G3588 that are G3689 really G5503 widows.
  4 G1161 But G1536 if any G5503 widow G2192 [G5719] hath G5043 children G2228 or G1549 nephews, G3129 [G5720] let them learn G4412 first G2151 [G5721] to show piety G2398 G3624 at home, G2532 and G287 G591 [G5721] to repay G4269 their parents: G1063 for G5124 that G2076 [G5748] is G2570 good G2532 and G587 acceptable G1799 before G2316 God.
  5 G1161 Now G3588 she that is G3689 really G5503 a widow G2532 , and G3443 [G5772] desolate, G1679 [G5758] hath placed her expectation G1909 in G2316 God, G2532 and G4357 [G5719] continueth G1162 in supplications G2532 and G4335 prayers G3571 night G2532 and G2250 day.
  6 G1161 But G4684 [G5723] she that liveth in pleasure G2348 [G5758] is dead G2198 [G5723] while she liveth.
  7 G2532 And G5023 these things G3853 [G5720] command, G2443 that G5600 [G5753] they may be G423 blameless.
  8 G1161 But G1536 if any G4306 [G5719] provideth G3756 not G2398 for his own, G2532 and G3122 especially G3609 for those of his own house, G720 [G5763] he hath denied G4102 the faith, G2532 and G2076 [G5748] is G5501 worse than G571 an unbeliever.
  9 G2639 0 Let G3361 not G5503 a widow G2639 [G5744] be enrolled G1640 less than G1835 sixty G2094 years old, G1096 [G5756] having been G1135 the wife G1520 of one G435 man,
  10 G3140 [G5746] Well reported of G1722 for G2570 good G2041 works; G1487 if G5044 [G5656] she hath brought up G1487 children, if G3580 [G5656] she hath lodged strangers, G1487 if G3538 [G5656] she hath washed G40 the holy ones' G4228 feet, G1487 if G1884 [G5656] she hath relieved G2346 [G5746] the ones being pressed, G1487 if G1872 [G5656] she hath diligently followed G3956 every G18 good G2041 work.
  11 G1161 But G3501 the younger G5503 widows G3868 [G5737] refuse: G1063 for G3752 when G2691 [G5661] they have begun to grow wanton against G5547 Anointed, G2309 [G5719] they will G1060 [G5721] marry;
  12 G2192 [G5723] Having G2917 damnation, G3754 because G114 [G5656] they have cast off G4413 their first G4102 faith.
  13 G1161 G2532 And G260 at the same time G3129 [G5719] they learn G692 to be idle, G4022 [G5740] wandering about G3614 from house to house; G1161 and G3756 not G3440 only G692 idle, G235 but G5397 tattlers G2532 also G2532 and G4021 busybodies, G2980 [G5723] speaking G3588 things which G1163 [G5752] they ought G3361 not.
  14 G1014 [G5736] I will G3767 therefore G3501 that the younger women G1060 [G5721] marry, G5041 [G5721] bear children, G3616 [G5721] rule the house, G1325 [G5721] to give G3367 no G874 starting-point G3588 to the G480 [G5740] adversary G3059 for railing G5484 favour
  15 G1063 For G5100 some G1624 0 are G2235 already G1624 [G5648] turned aside G3694 after G3588 the G4567 adversary.
  16 G1536 If any G4103 man that believeth G2228 or G4103 woman that believeth G2192 [G5719] hath G5503 widows, G1884 [G5720] let them relieve G846 them, G2532 and G3361 do not G916 0 let G1577 the congregation G916 [G5744] be weighed down; G2443 that G1884 [G5661] it may relieve G3588 them that are G3689 really G5503 widows.
  17 G515 0 Let G4245 the elders G4291 [G5761] that rule G2573 well G515 [G5744] be counted worthy G1362 of double G5092 honour, G3122 especially G3588 the ones G2872 [G5723] wearying in labour G1722 in G3056 the word G2532 and G1319 teaching.
  18 G1063 For G1124 the scripture G3004 [G5719] saith, G5392 0 Thou shalt G3756 not G5392 [G5692] muzzle G1016 the ox G248 [G5723] threshing. G2532 And, G2040 { The labourer G514 is worthy G846 of his G3408 wage.}
  19 G2596 Against G4245 an elder G3858 [G5737] receive G3361 not G2724 an accusation, G1508 G1622 but G1909 before G1417 two G2228 or G5140 three G3144 witnesses.
  20 G264 [G5723] Them that sin G1651 [G5720] rebuke G1799 before G3956 all, G2443 that G3062 others G2532 also G2192 [G5725] may G5401 fear.
  21 G1263 [G5736] I charge G1799 thee before G2316 God, G2532 and G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed, G2532 and G1588 the elect G32 messengers, G2443 that G5442 [G5661] thou observe G5023 these things G5565 without G4299 preferring one before another, G4160 [G5723] doing G3367 nothing G2596 by G4346 partiality.
  22 G2007 0 Lay G5495 hands G5030 hastily G2007 [G5720] on G3367 no man, G3366 neither G2841 [G5720] be partaker G245 of other G266 men's sins: G5083 [G5720] keep G4572 thyself G53 pure.
  23 G5202 0 Drink G3371 no longer G5202 [G5720] water, G235 but G5530 [G5737] use G3641 a little G3631 wine G1223 for G4675 thy G4751 stomach's sake G2532 and G4675 thy G4437 frequent G769 infirmities.
  24 G5100 Some G444 men's G266 sins G1526 [G5748] are G4271 open beforehand, G4254 [G5723] going before G1519 to G2920 judgment; G1161 G2532 and G5100 some G1872 [G5719] men they follow after.
  25 G5615 Likewise G2532 also G2570 the good G2041 works G2076 [G5748] of some are G4271 clearly evident beforehand; G2532 and G2192 [G5723] they that are G247 otherwise G3756 G1410 [G5736] cannot G2928 [G5650] be hid.