2 Chronicles 28:15

  15 H582 And the men H5344 [H8738] who were mentioned H8034 by name H6965 [H8799] arose, H2388 [H8686] and took H7633 the captives, H7998 and with the spoil H3847 [H8689] clothed H4636 all that were naked H3847 [H8686] among them, and arrayed H5274 [H8686] them, and shod H398 [H8686] them, and gave them food H8248 [H8686] and drink, H5480 [H8799] and anointed H5095 [H8762] them, and carried H3782 [H8802] all the feeble H2543 of them upon donkeys, H935 [H8686] and brought H3405 them to Jericho, H5892 the city H8558 H5899 [H8677] of palm trees, H681 to H251 their brethren: H7725 [H8799] then they returned H8111 to Samaria.