2 Corinthians 1:8-10

  8 G1063 For G2309 [G5719] we would G3756 not, G80 brethren, G50 0 have G5209 you G50 [G5721] ignorant G5228 of G2257 our G2347 affliction G3588 which G1096 [G5637] came G2254 to us G1722 in G773 Asia, G3754 that G916 [G5681] were weighed down G2596 according to G5236 excess, G5228 above G1411 power, G5620 so G2248 that we G1820 [G5683] despaired G2532 even G2198 [G5721] of life:
  9 G235 G846 But G2192 [G5758] we had G610 the sentence G2288 of death G1722 in G1438 ourselves, G3363 0 that G3982 0 we should G3363 not G3982 [G5756] trust G1909 in G1438 G5600 [G5753] ourselves, G235 but G1909 in G2316 God G3588 who G1453 [G5723] raiseth G3498 the dead:
  10 G3739 Who G4506 [G5673] delivered G2248 us G1537 from G5082 so great G2288 a death, G2532 and G4506 [G5736] doth deliver: G1519 in G3739 whom G1679 [G5758] we have placed our expectation G3754 that G4506 0 G2532 he will G2089 yet G4506 [G5695] deliver us;