2 Samuel 22

  1 H1732 And David H1696 [H8762] spoke H3068 to the LORD H1697 the words H7892 of this song H3117 in the day H3068 that the LORD H5337 [H8689] had delivered H3709 him from the palm H341 [H8802] of all his enemies, H3709 and from the palm H7586 of Saul:
  2 H559 [H8799] And he said, H3068 The LORD H5553 is my rock, H4686 and my fortress, H6403 [H8764] and my deliverer;
  3 H430 The God H6697 of my rock; H2620 [H8799] in him will I trust: H4043 he is my shield, H7161 and the horn H3468 of my salvation, H4869 my high tower, H4498 and my refuge, H3467 [H8688] my liberator; H3467 [H8686] thou liberatest H2555 me from violence.
  4 H7121 [H8799] I will call H3068 on the LORD, H1984 [H8794] who is worthy to be praised: H3467 [H8735] so shall I be liberated H341 [H8802] from my enemies.
  5 H4867 When the waves H4194 of death H661 [H8804] surrounded H5158 me, the floods H1100 of worthless men H1204 [H8762] made me afraid;
  6 H2256 The sorrows H7585 of the grave H5437 [H8804] surrounded me; H4170 the snares H4194 of death H6923 [H8765] seized me;
  7 H6862 In my distress H7121 [H8799] I called H3068 upon the LORD, H7121 [H8799] and called H430 to my God: H8085 [H8799] and he heard H6963 my voice H1964 out of his temple, H7775 and my hallooing H241 entered into his ears.
  8 H776 Then the earth H1607 H1607 [H8691] shook H7493 [H8799] and trembled; H4146 the foundations H8064 of heaven H7264 [H8799] moved H1607 [H8691] and shook, H2734 [H8804] because he was angry.
  9 H5927 [H8804] There went up H6227 a smoke H639 out of his nostrils, H784 and fire H6310 out of his mouth H398 [H8799] devoured: H1513 coals H1197 [H8804] were kindled by it.
  10 H5186 [H8799] He bowed H8064 the heavens H3381 [H8799] also, and came down; H6205 and darkness H7272 was under his feet.
  11 H7392 [H8799] And he rode H3742 upon a cherub, H5774 [H8799] and flew: H7200 [H8735] and he was seen H3671 upon the wings H7307 of the wind.
  12 H7896 [H8799] And he made H2822 darkness H5521 pavilions H5439 around H2841 him, dark H4325 waters, H5645 and thick clouds H7834 of the skies.
  13 H5051 Through the brightness H1513 before him were coals H784 of fire H1197 [H8804] kindled.
  14 H3068 The LORD H7481 [H8686] thundered H8064 from heaven, H5945 and the most High H5414 [H8799] uttered H6963 his voice.
  15 H7971 [H8799] And he sent out H2671 arrows, H6327 [H8686] and scattered H1300 them; lightning, H2000 [H8799] and smote them.
  16 H650 And the channels H3220 of the sea H7200 [H8735] appeared, H4146 the foundations H8398 of the world H1540 [H8735] were laid open, H1606 at the rebuking H3068 of the LORD, H5397 at the blast H7307 of the wind H639 of his nostrils.
  17 H7971 [H8799] He sent H4791 from above, H3947 [H8799] he took H4871 [H8686] me; he drew H7227 me out of many H4325 waters;
  18 H5337 [H8686] He delivered H5794 me from my strong H341 [H8802] enemy, H8130 [H8802] from them that hated H553 [H8804] me: for they were too strong for me.
  19 H6923 [H8762] They fell upon H3117 me in the day H343 of my calamity: H3068 but the LORD H4937 was my support.
  20 H3318 [H8686] He brought me forth H4800 also into a large place: H2502 [H8762] he delivered H2654 [H8804] me, because he delighted in me.
  21 H3068 The LORD H1580 [H8799] rewarded H6666 me according to my righteousness: H1252 according to the cleanness H3027 of my hands H7725 [H8686] hath he recompensed me.
  22 H8104 [H8804] For I have kept H1870 the ways H3068 of the LORD, H7561 [H8804] and have not wickedly departed H430 from my God.
  23 H4941 For all his judgments H2708 were before me: and as for his statutes, H5493 [H8799] I did not depart from them.
  24 H8549 I was also upright H8104 [H8691] before him, and have kept H5771 myself from my perversity.
  25 H3068 Therefore the LORD H7725 [H8686] hath recompensed H6666 me according to my righteousness; H1252 according to my cleanness H5048 H5869 in his eye sight.
  26 H2623 With the merciful H2616 [H8691] thou wilt show thyself merciful, H8549 and with the upright H1368 man H8552 [H8691] thou wilt show thyself upright.
  27 H1305 [H8737] With the pure H1305 [H8691] thou wilt show thyself pure; H6141 and with the perverse H6617 [H8691] thou wilt contend.
  28 H6041 And the depressed H5971 people H3467 [H8686] thou wilt liberate: H5869 but thine eyes H7311 [H8802] are upon the haughty, H8213 [H8686] that thou mayest bring them down.
  29 H5216 For thou art my lamp, H3068 O LORD: H3068 and the LORD H5050 [H8686] will lighten H2822 my darkness.
  30 H7323 [H8799] For by thee I have run H1416 through a troop: H430 by my God H1801 [H8762] have I leaped over H7791 a wall.
  31 H410 As for God, H1870 his way H8549 is perfect; H565 the word H3068 of the LORD H6884 [H8803] is refined: H4043 he is a shield H2620 [H8802] to all them that trust in him.
  32 H410 For who is God, H1107 except H3068 the LORD? H6697 and who is a rock, H1107 except H430 our God?
  33 H410 God H4581 is my strength H2428 and power: H5425 [H8686] and he maketh H1870 my way H8549 perfect.
  34 H7737 0 He maketh H7272 my feet H7737 [H8764] like H355 hinds' H5975 [H8686] feet: and setteth H1116 me upon my high places.
  35 H3925 [H8764] He teacheth H3027 my hands H4421 to war; H7198 so that a bow H5154 of bronze H5181 [H8765] is broken H2220 by my arms.
  36 H5414 [H8799] Thou hast also given H4043 me the shield H3468 of thy salvation: H6031 H6038 [H8800] and thy gentleness H7235 [H8686] hath made me great.
  37 H7337 [H8686] Thou hast enlarged H6806 my steps H7166 under me; so that my feet H4571 [H8804] have not wavered.
  38 H7291 [H8799] I have pursued H341 [H8802] my enemies, H8045 [H8686] and desolated H7725 [H8799] them; and turned not again H3615 [H8763] until I had consumed them.
  39 H3615 [H8762] And I have consumed H4272 [H8799] them, and wounded H6965 [H8799] them, that they could not arise: H5307 [H8799] yea, they have fallen H7272 under my feet.
  40 H247 [H8762] For thou hast girded H2428 me with strength H4421 to battle: H6965 [H8801] them that rose up H3766 [H8686] against me hast thou subdued under me.
  41 H5414 [H8804] Thou hast also given H6203 me the necks H341 [H8802] of my enemies, H6789 [H8686] that I might extirpate H8130 [H8764] them that hate me.
  42 H8159 [H8799] They gazed, H3467 [H8688] but there was none to liberate; H3068 even to the LORD, H6030 [H8804] but he answered them not.
  43 H7833 [H8799] Then I beat H6083 them as small as the dust H776 of the earth, H1854 [H8686] I stamped H2916 them as the mire H2351 of the street, H7554 [H8799] and spread them abroad.
  44 H6403 [H8762] Thou also hast delivered H7379 me from the strivings H5971 of my people, H8104 [H8799] thou hast kept H7218 me to be head H1471 of the nations: H5971 a people H3045 [H8804] which I knew H5647 [H8799] not shall serve me.
  45 H1121 Sons H5236 of a foreigner H3584 [H8691] shall submit H8085 H241 [H8800] themselves to me: as soon as they hear, H8085 [H8735] they shall be obedient to me.
  46 H1121 Sons H5236 of a foreigner H5034 [H8799] shall fade away, H2296 [H8799] and they shall come trembling H4526 out of their fortresses.
  47 H3068 The LORD H2416 liveth; H1288 [H8803] and blessed H6697 be my rock; H7311 [H8799] and exalted H430 be the God H6697 of the rock H3468 of my salvation.
  48 H410 It is God H5414 H5360 [H8802] that avengeth H3381 [H8688] me, and that bringeth down H5971 the people under me,
  49 H3318 [H8688] And that bringeth me forth H341 [H8802] from my enemies: H7311 [H8787] thou also hast lifted me up on high H6965 [H8801] above them that rose up H5337 [H8686] against me: thou hast delivered H2555 me from the violent H376 man.
  50 H3034 [H8686] Therefore I will give thanks H3068 to thee, O LORD, H1471 among the nations, H2167 [H8762] and I will sing praises H8034 to thy name.
  51 H4024 H1431 [H8675] He is the tower H3444 of salvation H4428 for his king: H6213 [H8802] and he showeth H2617 mercy H4899 to his anointed, H1732 to David, H2233 and to his seed H5704 for H5769 evermore.