Acts 23:21

  21 G3767 But G3982 0 do G3361 not G4771 thou G3982 [G5686] yield G846 to them: G1063 for G1537 there are of G846 them G1748 [G5719] who lie in wait for G846 him G4119 more than G5062 forty G435 men, G3748 who G332 0 have bound G1438 themselves G332 [G5656] with an oath, G5315 0 that they will G3383 neither G5315 [G5629] eat G3383 nor G4095 [G5629] drink G2193 G3739 till G337 [G5661] they have killed G846 him: G2532 and G3568 now G1526 [G5748] they are G2092 ready, G4327 [G5740] looking for G1860 a promise G575 from G4675 thee.