Acts 5:1-3

  1 G1161 But G5100 a certain G435 man G3686 named G367 Ananias, G4862 with G4551 Sapphira G846 his G1135 wife, G4453 [G5656] sold G2933 a possession,
  2 G2532 And G3557 [G5668] kept back G575 part from G5092 the price, G846 his G1135 wife G2532 also G4894 [G5761] knowing G2532 of it, and G5342 [G5660] brought G5100 a certain G3313 part, G5087 [G5656] and laid G3844 it at G652 the apostles' G4228 feet.
  3 G1161 But G4074 Peter G2036 [G5627] said, G367 Ananias, G1302 why G4137 0 hath G3588 the G4567 adversary G4137 [G5656] filled G4675 thine G2588 heart G4571 for thee G5574 [G5664] to lie G3588 to the G40 Holy G4151 Spirit, G2532 and G3557 [G5670] to keep back G575 part from G3588 the G5092 price G3588 of the G5564 place?