Daniel 3:28

  28 H5020 Then Nebuchadnezzar H6032 [H8750] spoke, H560 [H8750] and said, H1289 [H8752] Blessed H426 be the God H7715 of Shadrach, H4336 Meshach, H5665 and Abednego, H7972 [H8754] who hath sent H4398 his messenger, H7804 [H8758] and delivered H5649 his servants H7365 [H8702] that trusted H5922 in him, H8133 [H8745] and have changed H4430 the king's H4406 word, H3052 [H8754] and yielded H1655 their bodies, H3809 that they might not H6399 [H8748] serve H3809 nor H5457 [H8748] worship H3606 any H426 god, H3861 except H426 their own God.