Deuteronomy 32:16-18

  16 H7065 [H8686] They provoked him to jealousy H2114 [H8801] with strange H8441 gods, with abominations H3707 [H8686] they vexed him.
  17 H2076 [H8799] They sacrificed H7700 to demons, H433 not to God; H430 to gods H3045 [H8804] which they knew H2319 not, to new H935 0 gods that came H7138 newly H935 [H8804] up, H1 whom your fathers H8175 [H8804] feared not.
  18 H6697 Of the Rock H3205 [H8804] that begat H7876 [H8799] thee thou art unmindful, H7911 [H8799] and hast forgotten H410 God H2342 [H8789] that formed thee.