Exodus 19:16-19

  16 H7992 And it came to pass on the third H3117 day H1242 in the morning, H6963 that there were thunders H1300 and lightnings, H3515 and a thick H6051 cloud H2022 upon the mount, H6963 and the voice H7782 of the shofar H3966 exceeding H2389 loud; H5971 so that all the people H4264 that were in the camp H2729 [H8799] trembled.
  17 H4872 And Moses H3318 [H8686] brought forth H5971 the people H4264 out of the camp H7125 [H8800] to meet H430 with God; H3320 [H8691] and they stood H8482 at the lower H2022 part of the mount.
  18 H2022 And mount H5514 Sinai H6225 [H8804] was altogether in a smoke, H6440 H834 because H3068 the LORD H3381 [H8804] descended H784 upon it in fire: H6227 and the smoke H5927 [H8799] of it ascended H6227 as the smoke H3536 of a furnace, H2022 and the whole mount H2729 [H8799] trembled H3966 greatly.
  19 H6963 And when the voice H7782 of the shofar H6963 sounded H1980 [H8802] long, H2390 and grew louder H3966 and louder, H4872 Moses H1696 [H8762] spoke, H430 and God H6030 [H8799] answered H6963 him by a voice.