Ezekiel 41:5-11

  5 H4058 [H8799] Afterward he measured H7023 the wall H1004 of the house, H8337 six H520 cubits; H7341 and the breadth H6763 of every side chamber, H702 four H520 cubits, H5439 round H1004 the house H5439 on every side.
  6 H6763 And the side H6763 chambers H7969 were three, H6763 one over another, H7970 and thirty H6471 in order; H935 [H8802] and they entered H7023 into the wall H1004 which was of the house H6763 for the side chambers H5439 all around, H270 [H8803] that they might have hold, H270 [H8803] but they had not hold H7023 in the wall H1004 of the house.
  7 H7337 [H8804] And there was an enlarging, H5437 [H8738] and a winding about H4605 still upward H6763 to the side chambers: H4141 for the winding about H1004 of the house H4605 went still upward H5439 on all sides of H1004 the house: H7341 therefore the breadth H1004 of the house H4605 was still upward, H5927 [H8799] and so went up H8481 from the lowest H5945 chamber to the highest H8484 by the middle chamber.
  8 H7200 [H8804] I saw H1363 also the height H1004 of the house H5439 all around: H4328 the foundations H6763 of the side chambers H4393 were a full H7070 reed H8337 of six H679 great H520 cubits.
  9 H7341 The thickness H7023 of the wall, H6763 which was for the side chamber H2351 on the outside, H2568 was five H520 cubits: H3240 [H8716] and that which was left H1004 was the place H6763 of the side chambers H1004 that were within.
  10 H3957 And between the chambers H7341 was the width H6242 of twenty H520 cubits H5439 all around H1004 the house H5439 on every side.
  11 H6607 And the doors H6763 of the side chambers H3240 [H8716] were toward the place that was left, H259 one H6607 door H1870 toward H6828 the north, H259 and another H6607 door H1864 toward the south: H7341 and the breadth H4725 of the place H3240 [H8716] that was left H2568 was five H520 cubits H5439 all around.