Ezekiel 42:3-12

  3 H6242 Opposite the twenty H6442 cubits which were for the inner H2691 court, H7531 and opposite the pavement H2435 which was for the outer H2691 court, H862 was gallery H6440 against H862 gallery H7992 in three stories.
  4 H6440 And at the face of H3957 the chambers H4109 was a walk H6235 of ten H520 cubits H7341 breadth H6442 inward, H1870 a way H259 of one H520 cubit; H6607 and their doors H6828 toward the north.
  5 H5945 Now the upper H3957 chambers H7114 [H8803] were narrower: H862 for the galleries H398 [H8799] were higher H2007 than these, H8481 than the lower, H8484 and than the middle ones H1146 of the building.
  6 H8027 [H8794] For they were in three H5982 stories, but had not pillars H5982 as the pillars H2691 of the courts: H680 [H8738] therefore the upper chambers were set back H8481 more than the lower H8484 and the middle ones H776 from the earth.
  7 H1447 And the wall H2351 that was outside H5980 by the side of H3957 the chambers, H1870 toward H2435 the outer H2691 court H6440 on the forepart H3957 of the chambers, H753 the length H2572 of it was fifty H520 cubits.
  8 H753 For the length H3957 of the chambers H2435 that were in the outer H2691 court H2572 was fifty H520 cubits: H6440 and, lo, at the face of H1964 the temple H3967 were an hundred H520 cubits.
  9 H3957 And from under these chambers H3996 H935 [H8675] was the entrance H6921 on the east side, H935 [H8800] as one goeth H2007 into them H2435 from the outer H2691 court.
  10 H3957 The chambers H7341 were in the thickness H1444 of the wall H2691 of the court H1870 toward H6921 the east, H6440 opposite H1508 the separate place, H6440 and opposite H1146 the building.
  11 H1870 And the way H6440 at the face of H4758 them was like the appearance H3957 of the chambers H1870 which were toward H6828 the north, H753 as long as H3651 H7341 they, and as broad as H4161 they: and all their exits H4941 were both according to their fashions, H6607 and according to their doors.
  12 H6607 And according to the doors H3957 of the chambers H1870 that were toward H1864 the south H6607 was a door H7218 in the head H1870 of the way, H1870 even the way H1903 directly H6440 at the face of H1448 the wall H1870 toward H6921 the east, H935 [H8800] as one entereth into them.