Genesis 3

  1 H5175 Now the serpent H1961 [H8804] was H6175 more subtil H2416 than any beast H7704 of the field H3068 which the LORD H430 God H6213 [H8804] had made. H559 [H8799] And he said H802 to the woman, H637 Yea, H430 hath God H559 [H8804] said, H398 [H8799] Ye shall not eat H6086 of every tree H1588 of the garden?
  2 H802 And the woman H559 [H8799] said H5175 to the serpent, H398 [H8799] We may eat H6529 of the fruit H6086 of the trees H1588 of the garden:
  3 H6529 But of the fruit H6086 of the tree H8432 which is in the midst H1588 of the garden, H430 God H559 [H8804] hath said, H398 [H8799] Ye shall not eat H5060 [H8799] of it, neither shall ye touch H6435 it, lest H4191 [H8799] ye die.
  4 H5175 And the serpent H559 [H8799] said H802 to the woman, H4191 [H8800] Ye shall not surely H4191 [H8799] die:
  5 H430 For God H3045 [H8802] doth know H3117 that in the day H398 [H8800] ye eat H5869 of it, then your eyes H6491 [H8738] shall be opened, H430 and ye shall be as God, H3045 [H8802] knowing H2896 good H7451 and evil.
  6 H802 And when the woman H7200 [H8799] saw H6086 that the tree H2896 was good H3978 for food, H1931 and that it H8378 was pleasant H5869 to the eyes, H6086 and a tree H2530 [H8737] to be desired H7919 [H8687] to make one prudent, H3947 [H8799] she took H6529 of its fruit, H398 [H8799] and ate, H5414 [H8799] and gave H1571 also H376 to her husband H398 [H8799] with her; and he ate.
  7 H5869 And the eyes H8147 of them both H6491 [H8735] were opened, H1992 and they H3045 [H8799] knew H5903 that they were naked; H8609 0 and they sewed H8384 fig H5929 leaves H8609 [H8799] together, H6213 [H8799] and made for themselves H2290 aprons.
  8 H8085 [H8799] And they heard H6963 the voice H3068 of the LORD H430 God H1980 [H8693] walking H1588 in the garden H7307 in the spirit H3117 of the day: H120 and Adam H802 and his wife H2244 [H8691] hid themselves H6440 from the face H3068 of the LORD H430 God H8432 among H6086 the tree H1588 of the garden.
  9 H3068 And the LORD H430 God H7121 [H8799] called H120 to Adam, H559 [H8799] and said H335 to him, Where art thou?
  10 H559 [H8799] And he said, H8085 [H8804] I heard H6963 thy voice H1588 in the garden, H3372 [H8799] and I was afraid, H595 because I H5903 was naked; H2244 [H8735] and I hid myself.
  11 H559 [H8799] And he said, H4310 Who H5046 [H8689] told H5903 thee that thou wast naked? H398 [H8804] Hast thou eaten H6086 of the tree, H6680 [H8765] of which I commanded thee H1115 that thou shouldest not H398 [H8800] eat?
  12 H120 And the man H559 [H8799] said, H802 The woman H5414 [H8804] whom thou gavest H5978 to be with me, H1931 she H5414 [H8804] gave H6086 me of the tree, H398 [H8799] and I ate.
  13 H3068 And the LORD H430 God H559 [H8799] said H802 to the woman, H6213 [H8804] What is this that thou hast done? H802 And the woman H559 [H8799] said, H5175 The serpent H5377 [H8689] beguiled me, H398 [H8799] and I ate.
  14 H3068 And the LORD H430 God H559 [H8799] said H5175 to the serpent, H859 Because thou H6213 [H8804] hast done H779 [H8803] this, thou art cursed H929 above all cattle, H2416 and above every beast H7704 of the field; H1512 upon thy belly H3212 [H8799] shalt thou go, H6083 and dust H398 [H8799] shalt thou eat H3117 all the days H2416 of thy life:
  15 H7896 [H8799] And I will put H342 enmity H802 between thee and the woman, H2233 and between thy seed H2233 and her seed; H7779 [H8799] it shall bruise H7218 thine head, H7779 [H8799] and thou shalt bruise H6119 his heel.
  16 H802 To the woman H559 [H8804] he said, H7235 [H8687] I will greatly H7235 [H8686] multiply H6093 thy hard labour H2032 and thy conception; H6089 in sorrow H3205 [H8799] thou shalt bring forth H1121 sons; H8669 and thy desire H376 shall be to thy husband, H4910 [H8799] and he shall rule over thee.
  17 H121 And to Adam H559 [H8804] he said, H8085 [H8804] Because thou hast hearkened H6963 to the voice H802 of thy wife, H398 [H8799] and hast eaten H6086 of the tree, H834 of which H6680 [H8765] I commanded thee, H559 [H8800] saying, H398 [H8799] Thou shalt not eat H779 [H8803] of it: cursed H127 is the soil H9031 for thy H5668 sake; H9003 in H6093 hard labour H398 [H8799] shalt thou eat H3605 of it all H3117 the days H2416 of thy life;
  18 H6975 Thorns also H1863 and thistles H6779 [H8686] shall it bring forth H398 [H8804] to thee; and thou shalt eat H6212 the herb H7704 of the field;
  19 H2188 In the sweat H639 of thy nostrils H398 [H8799] shalt thou eat H3899 bread, H5704 till H7725 [H8800] thou shalt return H127 to the soil; H3947 [H8795] for out of it wast thou taken: H6083 for dust H859 thou H6083 art, and to dust H7725 [H8799] shalt thou return.
  20 H120 And Adam H7121 [H8799] called H802 his wife's H8034 name H2332 Eve; H517 because she was the mother H2416 of all living.
  21 H120 For Adam H802 also and for his wife H3068 the LORD H430 God H6213 [H8799] made H3801 coats H5785 of skins, H3847 [H8686] and clothed them.
  22 H3068 And the LORD H430 God H559 [H8799] said, H2005 Behold, H120 the man H259 hath become as one H3045 [H8800] of us, to know H2896 good H7451 and evil: H7971 [H8799] and now, lest he should put forth H3027 his hand, H3947 [H8804] and take H6086 also of the tree H2416 of life, H398 [H8804] and eat, H2425 [H8804] and live H5769 to the age:
  23 H3068 Therefore the LORD H430 God H7971 [H8762] sent him forth H1588 from the garden H5731 of Eden, H5647 [H8800] to till H127 the soil H3947 [H8795] from which he was taken.
  24 H1644 [H8762] So he drove out H120 the man; H7931 [H8686] and he placed H6924 at the east H1588 of the garden H5731 of Eden H3742 Cherubim, H3858 and a flaming H2719 sword H2015 [H8693] which turned every way, H8104 [H8800] to guard H1870 the way H6086 of the tree H2416 of life.