Genesis 31

  1 H8085 [H8799] And he heard H1697 the words H3837 of Laban's H1121 sons, H559 [H8800] saying, H3290 Jacob H3947 [H8804] hath taken away H1 all that was our father's; H1 and of that which was our father's H6213 [H8804] hath he obtained H3519 all this glory.
  2 H3290 And Jacob H7200 [H8799] beheld H6440 the face H3837 of Laban, H8543 and, behold, it was not toward him as H8032 ereyesterday.
  3 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8799] said H3290 to Jacob, H7725 [H8798] Return H776 to the land H1 of thy fathers, H4138 and to thy kindred; and I will be with thee.
  4 H3290 And Jacob H7971 [H8799] sent H7121 [H8799] and called H7354 Rachel H3812 and Leah H7704 into the field H6629 to his flock,
  5 H559 [H8799] And said H7200 [H8802] to them, I see H1 your father's H6440 face, H8543 that it is not toward me as H8032 ereyesterday; H430 but the God H1 of my father H1961 [H8804] hath been with me.
  6 H859 And ye H3045 [H8804] know H3581 that with all my power H5647 [H8804] I have served H1 your father.
  7 H1 And your father H2048 [H8765] hath deceived H2498 [H8689] me, and changed H4909 my wages H6235 ten H4489 times; H430 but God H5414 [H8804] allowed him H7489 [H8687] not to hurt H5978 me.
  8 H559 [H8799] If he said H5348 thus, The speckled H7939 shall be thy wages; H6629 then all the cattle H3205 [H8804] bore H5348 speckled: H559 [H8799] and if he said H6124 thus, The striped H7939 shall be thy hire; H6629 then all the cattle H3205 [H8804] bore H6124 striped.
  9 H430 Thus God H5337 [H8686] hath taken away H4735 the cattle H1 of your father, H5414 [H8799] and given them to me.
  10 H6256 And it came to pass at the time H6629 that the cattle H3179 [H8763] conceived, H5375 [H8799] that I lifted up H5869 my eyes, H7200 [H8799] and saw H2472 in a dream, H6260 and, behold, the rams H5927 [H8802] which leaped H6629 upon the cattle H6124 were striped, H5348 speckled, H1261 and spotted.
  11 H4397 And the messenger H430 of God H559 [H8799] spoke H2472 to me in a dream, H3290 saying, Jacob: H559 [H8799] And I said, Here am I.
  12 H559 [H8799] And he said, H5375 [H8798] Lift up H5869 now thine eyes, H7200 [H8798] and see, H6260 all the rams H5927 [H8802] which leap H6629 upon the cattle H6124 are striped, H5348 speckled, H1261 and spotted: H7200 [H8804] for I have seen H3837 all that Laban H6213 [H8802] doeth to thee.
  13 H410 I am the God H1008 of Bethel, H4886 [H8804] where thou didst anoint H4676 the pillar, H5087 [H8804] and where thou didst vow H5088 to me a vow: H6965 [H8798] now arise, H3318 [H8798] depart H776 from this land, H7725 [H8798] and return H776 to the land H4138 of thy kindred.
  14 H7354 And Rachel H3812 and Leah H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said H2506 to him, Is there yet any portion H5159 or inheritance H1 for us in our father's H1004 house?
  15 H2803 [H8738] Are we not counted H5237 by him foreigners? H4376 [H8804] for he hath sold H398 [H8800] us, and hath quite H398 [H8799] consumed H3701 also our money.
  16 H6239 For all the riches H430 which God H5337 [H8689] hath taken H1 from our father, H1121 that is ours, and our son's: H430 now then, whatever God H559 [H8804] hath said H6213 [H8798] to thee, do.
  17 H3290 Then Jacob H6965 [H8799] arose, H5375 [H8799] and set H1121 his sons H802 and his wives H1581 upon camels;
  18 H5090 [H8799] And he carried away H4735 all his cattle, H7399 and all his goods H7408 [H8804] which he had gained, H4735 the cattle H7075 of his getting, H7408 [H8804] which he had gained H6307 in Padanaram, H935 [H8800] to go H3327 to Isaac H1 his father H776 in the land H3667 of Canaan.
  19 H3837 And Laban H1980 [H8804] went H1494 [H8800] to shear H6629 his sheep: H7354 and Rachel H1589 [H8799] had stolen H8655 the images H1 that were her father's.
  20 H3290 And Jacob H1589 [H8799] stole H3820 the heart H3837 of Laban H761 the Syrian, H5921 in that H5046 [H8689] he told H1097 him not H1272 [H8802] that he was fleeing.
  21 H1272 [H8799] So he fled H6965 [H8799] with all that he had; and he arose, H5674 [H8799] and passed over H5104 the river, H7760 [H8799] and set H6440 his face H2022 toward the mount H1568 Gilead.
  22 H5046 [H8714] And it was told H3837 Laban H7992 on the third H3117 day H3290 that Jacob H1272 [H8804] had fled.
  23 H3947 [H8799] And he took H251 his brethren H7291 [H8799] with him, and pursued H310 after him H7651 seven H3117 days' H1870 journey; H1692 [H8686] and they overtook H2022 him in the mount H1568 Gilead.
  24 H430 And God H935 [H8799] came H3837 to Laban H761 the Syrian H2472 in a dream H3915 by night, H559 [H8799] and said H8104 [H8734] to him, Take heed H1696 [H8762] that thou speak H5973 not to H3290 Jacob H2896 either good H5704 or H7451 bad.
  25 H3837 Then Laban H5381 [H8686] overtook H3290 Jacob. H3290 Now Jacob H8628 [H8804] had pitched H168 his tent H2022 in the mount: H3837 and Laban H251 with his brethren H8628 [H8804] pitched H2022 in the mount H1568 of Gilead.
  26 H3837 And Laban H559 [H8799] said H3290 to Jacob, H6213 [H8804] What hast thou done, H1589 [H8799] that thou hast stolen away H3824 unawares H5090 [H8762] to me, and carried away H1323 my daughters, H7617 [H8803] as captives H2719 taken with the sword?
  27 H1272 [H8800] Why didst thou flee away H2244 [H8738] secretly, H1589 [H8799] and steal away H5046 [H8689] from me; and didst not tell H7971 [H8762] me, that I might have sent thee away H8057 with mirth, H7892 and with songs, H8596 with timbrel, H3658 and with harp?
  28 H5203 [H8804] And hast not permitted H5401 [H8763] me to kiss H1121 my sons H1323 and my daughters? H5528 [H8689] thou hast now done foolishly H6213 [H8800] in so doing.
  29 H3426 It is H410 in the power H3027 of my hand H6213 [H8800] to do H7451 you harm: H430 but the God H1 of your father H559 [H8804] spoke H570 to me last night, H559 [H8800] saying, H8104 [H8734] Take thou heed H1696 [H8763] that thou speak not H3290 to Jacob H2896 either good H7451 or bad.
  30 H1980 [H8800] And now, though thou wouldest needs H1980 [H8804] be gone, H3700 H3700 [H8736] because thou didst earnestly long H1 after thy father's H1004 house, H1589 [H8804] yet why hast thou stolen H430 my gods?
  31 H3290 And Jacob H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said H3837 to Laban, H3372 [H8804] Because I was afraid: H559 [H8804] for I said, H6435 It may be H1323 thou wouldest take thy daughters H1497 [H8799] from me by force.
  32 H834 With whomever H4672 [H8799] thou findest H430 thy gods, H2421 [H8799] let him not live: H5048 before H251 our brethren H5234 [H8685] discern H3947 [H8798] thou what is thine with me, and take H3290 it to thee. For Jacob H3045 [H8804] knew H7354 not that Rachel H1589 [H8804] had stolen them.
  33 H3837 And Laban H935 [H8799] went H3290 into Jacob's H168 tent, H3812 and into Leah's H168 tent, H8147 and into the two H519 maidservants' H168 tents; H4672 [H8804] but he found H3318 [H8799] them not. Then he went out H3812 of Leah's H168 tent, H935 [H8799] and entered H7354 into Rachel's H168 tent.
  34 H7354 Now Rachel H3947 [H8804] had taken H8655 the images, H7760 [H8799] and put H1581 them in the camel's H3733 saddle, H3427 [H8799] and sat H3837 upon them. And Laban H4959 [H8762] searched H168 all the tent, H4672 [H8804] but found them not.
  35 H559 [H8799] And she said H1 to her father, H2734 H5869 [H8799] Let it not displease H113 my sovereign H3201 [H8799] that I cannot H6965 [H8800] rise up H6440 before thee; H1870 for the custom H802 of women H2664 [H8762] is upon me. And he searched, H4672 [H8804] but found H8655 not the images.
  36 H3290 And Jacob H2734 [H8799] was angry, H7378 [H8799] and contended H3837 with Laban: H3290 and Jacob H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said H3837 to Laban, H6588 What is my revolt? H2403 what is my sin, H1814 [H8804] that thou hast so hotly pursued H310 after me?
  37 H3588 Though H4959 [H8765] thou hast searched H3627 all my things, H4672 [H8804] what hast thou found H1004 of all thy household H3627 things? H7760 [H8798] set H3541 it here H251 before my brethren H251 and thy brethren, H3198 [H8686] that they may judge H996 between H8147 us both.
  38 H6242 These twenty H8141 years H7353 have I been with thee; thy ewes H5795 and thy female goats H7921 [H8765] have not cast their young, H352 and the rams H6629 of thy flock H398 [H8804] have I not eaten.
  39 H2966 That which was torn H935 [H8689] by beasts I brought H2398 [H8762] not to thee; I bore the loss H3027 of it; of my hand H1245 [H8762] didst thou require H1589 [H8803] it, whether stolen H3117 by day, H1589 [H8803] or stolen H3915 by night.
  40 H3117 Thus I was; in the day H2721 the drought H398 [H8804] consumed H7140 me, and the frost H3915 by night; H8142 and my sleep H5074 [H8799] departed H5869 from my eyes.
  41 H6242 Thus have I been twenty H8141 years H1004 in thy house; H5647 [H8804] I served thee H702 H6240 fourteen H8141 years H8147 for thy two H1323 daughters, H8337 and six H8141 years H6629 for thy cattle: H2498 [H8686] and thou hast changed H4909 my wages H6235 ten H4489 times.
  42 H3884 Except H430 the God H1 of my father, H430 the God H85 of Abraham, H6343 and the fear H3327 of Isaac, H7971 [H8765] had been with me, surely thou hadst now sent me away H7387 empty. H430 God H7200 [H8804] hath seen H6040 my affliction H3018 and the labour H3709 of my palms, H3198 [H8686] and rebuked H570 thee last night.
  43 H3837 And Laban H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said H3290 to Jacob, H1323 These daughters H1323 are my daughters, H1121 and these sons H1121 are my sons, H6629 and these cattle H6629 are my cattle, H7200 [H8802] and all that thou seest H6213 [H8799] is mine: and what can I do H3117 this day H1323 to these my daughters, H176 or H1121 to their sons H3205 [H8804] which they have borne?
  44 H3212 [H8798] Now therefore come thou, H3772 [H8799] let us make H1285 a covenant, H5707 I and thou; and let it be for a witness between me and thee.
  45 H3290 And Jacob H3947 [H8799] took H68 a stone, H7311 [H8686] and set it up H4676 for a pillar.
  46 H3290 And Jacob H559 [H8799] said H251 to his brethren, H3950 [H8798] Gather H68 stones; H3947 [H8799] and they took H68 stones, H6213 [H8799] and made H1530 an heap: H398 [H8799] and they ate H1530 there upon the heap.
  47 H3837 And Laban H7121 [H8799] called H3026 it Jegarsahadutha: H3290 but Jacob H7121 [H8804] called H1567 it Galeed.
  48 H3837 And Laban H559 [H8799] said, H1530 This heap H5707 is a witness H3117 between me and thee this day. H8034 Therefore was the name H7121 [H8804] of it called H1567 Galeed;
  49 H4709 And Mizpah; H834 for H559 [H8804] he said, H3068 The LORD H6822 [H8799] watch H5641 [H8735] between me and thee, when we are absent H376 one H7453 from another.
  50 H6031 [H8762] If thou shalt afflict H1323 my daughters, H3947 [H8799] or if thou shalt take H802 other wives H5921 besides H1323 my daughters, H376 no man H7200 [H8798] is with us; see, H430 God H5707 is witness between me and thee.
  51 H3837 And Laban H559 [H8799] said H3290 to Jacob, H1530 Behold this heap, H4676 and behold this pillar, H3384 [H8804] which I have cast between me and thee;
  52 H1530 This heap H5707 be witness, H4676 and this pillar H5713 be witness, H5674 [H8799] that I will not pass over H1530 this heap H5674 [H8799] to thee, and that thou shalt not pass over H1530 this heap H4676 and this pillar H7451 to me, for harm.
  53 H430 The God H85 of Abraham, H430 and the God H5152 of Nahor, H430 the God H1 of their father, H8199 [H8799] judge H3290 between us. And Jacob H7650 [H8735] swore H6343 by the fear H1 of his father H3327 Isaac.
  54 H3290 Then Jacob H2076 [H8799] offered H2077 sacrifice H2022 upon the mount, H7121 [H8799] and called H251 his brethren H398 [H8800] to eat H3899 bread: H398 [H8799] and they ate H3899 bread, H3885 [H8799] and tarried all night H2022 in the mount.
  55 H7925 0 And early H1242 in the morning H3837 Laban H7925 [H8686] arose, H5401 [H8762] and kissed H1121 his sons H1323 and his daughters, H1288 [H8762] and blessed H3837 them: and Laban H3212 [H8799] departed, H7725 [H8799] and returned H4725 to his place.