Genesis 3:17-19

  17 H121 And to Adam H559 [H8804] he said, H8085 [H8804] Because thou hast hearkened H6963 to the voice H802 of thy wife, H398 [H8799] and hast eaten H6086 of the tree, H834 of which H6680 [H8765] I commanded thee, H559 [H8800] saying, H398 [H8799] Thou shalt not eat H779 [H8803] of it: cursed H127 is the soil H9031 for thy H5668 sake; H9003 in H6093 hard labour H398 [H8799] shalt thou eat H3605 of it all H3117 the days H2416 of thy life;
  18 H6975 Thorns also H1863 and thistles H6779 [H8686] shall it bring forth H398 [H8804] to thee; and thou shalt eat H6212 the herb H7704 of the field;
  19 H2188 In the sweat H639 of thy nostrils H398 [H8799] shalt thou eat H3899 bread, H5704 till H7725 [H8800] thou shalt return H127 to the soil; H3947 [H8795] for out of it wast thou taken: H6083 for dust H859 thou H6083 art, and to dust H7725 [H8799] shalt thou return.