Habakkuk 2:18-20

  18 H3276 [H8689] What profiteth H6459 the graven image H3335 [H8802] that its maker H6458 [H8804] hath engraved H4541 it; the molten image, H3384 [H8688] and a teacher H8267 of lies, H3335 [H8802] that the maker H3336 of his work H982 [H8804] trusteth H6213 [H8800] in it, to make H483 dumb H457 idols?
  19 H1945 Woe H559 [H8802] to him that saith H6086 to the wood, H6974 [H8685] Awake; H1748 to the dumb H68 stone, H5782 [H8798] Arise, H3384 [H8686] it shall teach! H8610 [H8803] Behold, it is laid H2091 over with gold H3701 and silver, H7307 and there is no spirit H7130 at all within it.
  20 H3068 But the LORD H6944 is in his holy H1964 temple: H776 let all the earth H2013 [H8761] keep silence H6440 at the face of him.