Hebrews 2

  1 G1223 G5124 Therefore G2248 we G1163 [G5748] ought G4056 to give the more earnest G4337 [G5721] heed G191 [G5685] to the things which we have heard, G3379 lest at any time G3901 [G5632] we should let them slip.
  2 G1063 For G1487 if G3056 the word G2980 [G5685] spoken G1223 by G32 messengers G1096 [G5633] was G949 steadfast, G2532 and G3956 every G3847 transgression G2532 and G3876 disobedience G2983 [G5627] received G1738 a just G3405 recompence of reward;
  3 G4459 How G2249 shall we G1628 [G5695] escape, G272 [G5660] if we neglect G5082 so great G4991 salvation; G3748 which G746 at the first G2983 [G5631] began G2980 [G5745] to be spoken G1223 by G2962 the Lord, G950 [G5681] and was confirmed G1519 to G2248 us G5259 by G191 [G5660] them that heard him;
  4 G2316 God G4901 [G5723] also bearing them witness, G5037 both G4592 with signs G2532 and G5059 wonders, G2532 and G4164 with various G1411 powers, G2532 and G3311 gifts G40 of the Holy G4151 Spirit, G2596 according to G846 his own G2308 will?
  5 G1063 For G32 to messengers G5293 0 he hath G3756 not G5293 [G5656] put in subjection G3588 the G3625 inhabitable world, G3588 the one G3195 [G5723] about to be, G4012 concerning G3739 which G2980 [G5719] we speak.
  6 G1161 But G5100 one G4225 somewhere G1263 [G5662] testified, G3004 [G5723] saying, G5101 What G2076 [G5748] is G444 man, G3754 that G3403 [G5736] thou rememberest G846 him? G2228 or G5207 the son G444 of man, G3754 that G1980 [G5736] thou visitest G846 him?
  7 G1642 0 Thou madest G846 him G1024 G5100 a little G1642 [G5656] lower G3844 than G32 the messengers; G4737 [G5656] thou didst crown G846 him G1391 with glory G2532 and G5092 honour, G2532 and G2525 [G5656] didst set G846 him G1909 over G2041 the works G4675 of thine G5495 hands:
  8 G5293 0 Thou hast put G3956 all things G5293 [G5656] in subjection G5270 under G846 his G4228 feet. G1063 For G1722 in G5293 0 that he put G3956 all G5293 [G5658] in subjection under G846 him, G863 [G5656] he left G3762 nothing that is not G506 made subject to G846 him. G1161 But G3568 now G3708 [G5719] we see G3768 not yet G3956 all things G5293 [G5772] made subject to G846 him.
  9 G1161 But G991 [G5719] we see G2424 Jesus, G3588 who G1642 0 was made G1024 G5100 a little G1642 [G5772] lower G3844 than G32 the messengers G1223 for G3804 the suffering G2288 of death, G4737 [G5772] crowned G1391 with glory G2532 and G5092 honour; G3704 that G1089 0 he G5485 by the grace G2316 of God G1089 [G5667] should taste G2288 death G5228 for G3956 every man.
  10 G1063 For G4241 [G5707] it was befitting for G846 him, G1223 for G3739 whom G3956 are all things, G2532 and G1223 by G3739 whom G3956 are all things, G71 [G5631] in bringing G4183 many G5207 sons G1519 to G1391 glory, G5048 0 to make G3588 the G747 captain G846 of their G4991 salvation G5048 [G5658] perfect G1223 through G3804 sufferings.
  11 G1063 For G5037 both G37 [G5723] he that sanctifieth G2532 and G37 [G5746] they who are sanctified G3956 are all G1537 of G1520 one: G1223 for G3739 which G156 cause G1870 0 he is G3756 not G1870 [G5736] ashamed G2564 [G5721] to call G846 them G80 brethren,
  12 G3004 [G5723] Saying, G518 [G5692] I will declare G3588   G4675 thy G3686 name G3450 to my G80 brethren, G1722 in G3319 the midst G1577 of the congregation G5214 [G5692] will I sing hymns G4571 to thee.
  13 G2532 And G3825 again, G1473 I G2071 [G5704] will G3982 [G5756] put my trust G1909 in G846 him. G2532 And G3825 again, G2400 [G5628] Behold G1473 I G2532 and G3813 the children G3739 which G2316 God G1325 [G5656] hath given G3427 me.
  14 G1893 Since G3767 then G3588 the G3813 children G2841 [G5758] are partakers G4561 of flesh G2532 and G129 blood, G3348 0 he G2532 also G846 himself G3898 likewise G3348 [G5627] took part G846 of the same; G2443 that G1223 through G2288 death G2673 [G5661] he might render useless G2192 [G5723] him that had G3588 the G2904 might G2288 of death, G5123 [G5748] that is, G3588 the G1228 slanderer;
  15 G2532 And G525 [G5661] set free G5128 them G3745 who G1223 through G5401 fear G2288 of death G2258 [G5713] were G3956 all G2198 [G5721] their lifetime G1777 subject G1397 to bondage.
  16 G1063 For G1222 verily G1949 0 he took G3756 not G1949 [G5736] on G32 him the nature of messengers; G235 but G1949 [G5736] he took on G4690 him the seed G11 of Abraham.
  17 G3606 Therefore G2596 in G3956 all things G3784 [G5707] it behoved him G3666 [G5683] to be made like G80 his brethren, G2443 that G1096 [G5638] he might be G1655 a merciful G2532 and G4103 faithful G749 high priest G4314 in things pertaining to G2316 God, G1519 to G2433 [G5745] make reconciliation for G266 the sins G2992 of the people.
  18 G1063 For G1722 in G3739 that G3958 0 he G846 himself G3958 [G5754] hath suffered G3985 [G5685] being tempted, G1410 [G5736] he is able G997 [G5658] to help G3985 [G5746] them that are tempted.