Isaiah 15

  1 H4853 The burden H4124 of Moab. H3915 Because in the night H6144 Ar H4124 of Moab H7703 [H8795] is laid waste, H1820 [H8738] and brought to silence; H3915 because in the night H7024 Kir H4124 of Moab H7703 [H8795] is laid waste, H1820 [H8738] and brought to silence;
  2 H5927 [H8804] He is gone up H1006 to Bajith, H1769 and to Dibon, H1116 the high places, H1065 to weep: H4124 Moab H3213 [H8686] shall wail H5015 over Nebo, H4311 and over Medeba: H7218 on all their heads H7144 shall be baldness, H2206 and every beard H1438 [H8803] shorn.
  3 H2351 In their streets H2296 [H8804] they shall gird H8242 themselves with sackcloth: H1406 on the tops H7339 of their houses, and in their streets, H3213 [H8686] every one shall wail, H1065 weeping H3381 [H8802] abundantly.
  4 H2809 And Heshbon H2199 [H8799] shall cry, H500 and Elealeh: H6963 their voice H8085 [H8738] shall be heard H3096 even to Jahaz: H2502 [H8803] therefore the armed soldiers H4124 of Moab H7321 [H8686] shall shout; H5315 his life H3415 [H8804] shall be grievous to him.
  5 H3820 My heart H2199 [H8799] shall cry out H4124 for Moab; H1280 his fugitives H6820 shall flee to Zoar, H5697 an heifer H7992 of three years old: H5927 [H8799] for they shall go up H4608 the ascent H3872 of Luhith H1065 with weeping H1870 for in the way H2773 of Horonaim H5782 [H8787] they shall raise H2201 a outcry H7667 of fracturing.
  6 H4325 For the waters H5249 of Nimrim H4923 shall be desolate: H2682 for the herb H3001 [H8804] is withered away, H1877 the grass H3615 [H8804] faileth, H3418 there is no green thing.
  7 H3502 Therefore the abundance H6213 [H8804] they have gained, H6486 and that which they have laid up, H5375 [H8799] shall they carry away H5158 to the brook H6155 of the willows.
  8 H2201 For the outcry H5362 [H8689] hath gone around H1366 the borders H4124 of Moab; H3215 its wailing H97 to Eglaim, H3215 and its howling H879 to Beerelim.
  9 H4325 For the waters H1775 of Dimon H4390 [H8804] shall be full H1818 of blood: H7896 [H8799] for I will bring H3254 [H8737] more H1775 upon Dimon, H738 lions H6413 upon him that escapeth H4124 of Moab, H7611 and upon the remnant H127 of the soil.