Isaiah 31:4

  4 H3068 For thus hath the LORD H559 [H8804] spoken H738 to me, As the lion H3715 and the young lion H1897 [H8799] roaring H2964 on his prey, H4393 when a multitude H7462 [H8802] of shepherds H7121 [H8735] is called forth H2865 [H8735] against him, he will not be afraid H6963 of their voice, H6031 [H8799] nor abase H1995 himself for the noise H3068 of them: so shall the LORD H6635 of hosts H3381 [H8799] come down H6633 [H8800] to fight H2022 for mount H6726 Zion, H1389 and for its hill.