Isaiah 32:1-8

  1 H4428 Behold, a king H4427 [H8799] shall reign H6664 in righteousness, H8269 and princes H8323 [H8799] shall rule H4941 in judgment.
  2 H376 And a man H4224 shall be as an hiding place H7307 from the wind, H5643 and a covert H2230 from the tempest; H6388 as streams H4325 of water H6724 in a dry place, H6738 as the shadow H3515 of a great H5553 rock H5889 in a languished H776 land.
  3 H5869 And the eyes H7200 [H8802] of them that see H3808 shall not H8159 [H8799] gaze away, H241 and the ears H8085 [H8802] of them that hear H7181 [H8799] shall prick up.
  4 H3824 The heart H4116 [H8737] also of the rash H995 [H8799] shall understand H1847 knowledge, H3956 and the tongue H5926 of the stammerers H4116 [H8762] shall be ready H1696 [H8763] to speak H6703 plainly.
  5 H5036 The vile person H7121 [H8735] shall be no more called H5081 noble, H3596 nor the churl H559 [H8735] said H7771 to be bountiful.
  6 H5036 For the vile person H1696 [H8762] will speak H5039 villany, H3820 and his heart H6213 [H8799] will work H205 nothingness, H6213 [H8800] to practise H2612 hypocrisy, H1696 [H8763] and to utter H8442 error H3068 against the LORD, H7324 [H8687] to make empty H5315 the breath H7457 of the hungry, H4945 and he will cause the drink H6771 of the thirsty H2637 [H8686] to fail.
  7 H3627 The instruments H3596 also of the churl H7451 are evil: H3289 [H8804] he deviseth H2154 wicked devices H2254 [H8763] to bind H6041 H6035 [H8675] the poor H8267 with lying H561 words, H34 even when the needy H1696 [H8763] speaketh H4941 right.
  8 H5081 But the noble H3289 [H8804] deviseth H5081 noble things; H5081 and by noble things H6965 [H8799] shall he stand.