Isaiah 46:5-7

  5 H1819 [H8762] To whom will ye liken H7737 [H8686] me, and make me equal, H4911 [H8686] and compare H1819 [H8799] me, that we may be like?
  6 H2107 [H8801] They lavish H2091 gold H3599 out of the bag, H8254 [H8799] and weigh H3701 silver H7070 in the balance, H7936 [H8799] and hire H6884 [H8802] a goldsmith; H6213 [H8799] and he maketh H410 it a god: H5456 [H8799] they fall down, H7812 [H8691] yea, they worship.
  7 H5375 [H8799] They bear H3802 him upon the shoulder, H5445 [H8799] they carry H3240 [H8686] him, and set him in his place, H5975 [H8799] and he standeth; H4725 from his place H4185 [H8686] shall he not move: H6817 [H8799] yea, one shall shriek H6030 [H8799] to him, yet he cannot answer, H3467 [H8686] nor liberate H6869 him out of his tightness.