Jeremiah 4:19-26

  19 H4578 My bowels, H4578 my bowels! H2342 H3176 [H8799] I am pained H7023 at my very H3820 heart; H3820 my heart H1993 [H8802] maketh a noise H2790 [H8686] in me; I cannot hold my peace, H8085 [H8804] because thou hast heard, H5315 O my breath, H6963 the sound H7782 of the shofar, H8643 the alarm H4421 of war.
  20 H7667 Fracturing H7667 upon fracturing H7121 [H8738] is called; H776 for the whole land H7703 [H8795] is laid waste: H6597 suddenly H168 are my tents H7703 [H8795] ruined, H3407 and my curtains H7281 in a moment.
  21 H7200 [H8799] How long shall I see H5251 the standard, H8085 [H8799] and hear H6963 the sound H7782 of the shofar?
  22 H5971 For my people H191 are foolish, H3045 [H8804] they have not known H5530 me; they are silly H1121 sons, H995 [H8737] and they have no understanding: H2450 they are wise H7489 [H8687] to do evil, H3190 [H8687] but to do good H3045 [H8804] they have no knowledge.
  23 H7200 [H8804] I beheld H776 the earth, H8414 and, lo, it was without form, H922 and void; H8064 and the heavens, H216 and they had no light.
  24 H7200 [H8804] I beheld H2022 the mountains, H7493 [H8801] and, lo, they trembled, H1389 and all the hills H7043 [H8701] moved lightly.
  25 H7200 [H8804] I beheld, H120 and, lo, there was no man, H5775 and all the fowls H8064 of the heavens H5074 [H8804] had fled.
  26 H7200 [H8804] I beheld, H3759 and, lo, the fruitful place H4057 was a wilderness, H5892 and all its cities H5422 [H8738] were broken down H6440 at the face H3068 of the LORD, H2740 and by his burning H639 anger.