Job 20:5-9

  5 H7445 That the triumphing H7563 of the wicked H7138 is short, H8057 and the joy H2611 of the hypocrite H7281 but for a moment?
  6 H7863 Though his excellency H5927 [H8799] shall mount up H8064 to the heavens, H7218 and his head H5060 [H8686] reach H5645 to the clouds;
  7 H6 [H8799] Yet he shall perish H5331 for ever H1561 like his own dung: H7200 [H8802] they who have seen H559 [H8799] him shall say, H335 Where is he?
  8 H5774 [H8799] He shall fly away H2472 as a dream, H4672 [H8799] and shall not be found: H5074 [H8714] yea, he shall be chased away H2384 as a vision H3915 of the night.
  9 H5869 The eye H7805 [H8804] also which saw H3254 [H8686] him shall see him no more; H4725 neither shall his place H7789 [H8799] any more behold him.