Job 37

  1 H2063 At this H3820 also my heart H2729 [H8799] trembleth, H5425 [H8799] and is moved out H4725 of its place.
  2 H8085 [H8798] Hear H8085 [H8800] attentively H7267 the noise H6963 of his voice, H1899 and the sound H3318 [H8799] that goeth out H6310 of his mouth.
  3 H3474 [H8765] He straighteneth H8281 [H8799] it H8064 under the whole heaven, H216 and his lightning H3671 to the ends H776 of the earth.
  4 H310 After H6963 it a voice H7580 [H8799] roareth: H7481 [H8686] he thundereth H6963 with the voice H1347 of his excellency; H6117 [H8762] and he will not restrain H6963 them when his voice H8085 [H8735] is heard.
  5 H410 God H7481 [H8686] thundereth H6381 [H8737] marvellously H6963 with his voice; H1419 great things H6213 [H8802] he doeth, H3045 [H8799] which we cannot comprehend.
  6 H559 [H8799] For he saith H7950 to the snow, H1933 [H8798] Be thou H776 on the earth; H4306 likewise to the small H1653 rain, H4306 and to the great H1653 rain H5797 of his strength.
  7 H2856 [H8799] He sealeth up H3027 the hand H120 of every man; H582 that all men H3045 [H8800] may know H4639 his work.
  8 H2416 Then the beasts H935 [H8799] go H1119 into H695 dens, H7931 [H8799] and remain H4585 in their places.
  9 H2315 From the south H935 [H8799] cometh H5492 the whirlwind: H7135 and cold H4215 from the north.
  10 H5397 By the breath H410 of God H7140 frost H5414 [H8799] is given: H7341 and the breadth H4325 of the waters H4164 is narrowed.
  11 H7377 Also by watering H2959 [H8686] he wearieth H5645 the thick cloud: H6327 [H8686] he scattereth H216 his bright H6051 cloud:
  12 H2015 [H8693] And it is turned H4524 around H8458 by his counsels: H6467 that they may do H6680 [H8762] whatever he commandeth H6440 them upon the face H8398 of the world H776 on the earth.
  13 H4672 [H8686] He causeth it to come, H7626 whether for correction, H776 or for his land, H2617 or for mercy.
  14 H238 [H8685] Give ear H347 to this, O Job: H5975 [H8798] stand still, H995 [H8708] and consider H6381 [H8737] the wondrous H410 works of God.
  15 H3045 [H8799] Dost thou know H433 when God H7760 [H8800] disposed H216 them, and caused the light H6051 of his cloud H3313 [H8689] to shine?
  16 H3045 [H8799] Dost thou know H4657 the balancings H5645 of the clouds, H4652 the wondrous works H8549 of him who is perfect H1843 in knowledge?
  17 H899 How thy garments H2525 are warm, H8252 [H8687] when he quieteth H776 the earth H1864 by the south wind?
  18 H7554 [H8686] Hast thou with him spread out H7834 the sky, H2389 which is strong, H3332 [H8716] and as a molten H7209 looking glass?
  19 H3045 [H8685] Teach H559 [H8799] us what we shall say H6186 [H8799] to him; for we cannot order H6440 our speech by reason H2822 of darkness.
  20 H5608 [H8792] Shall it be told H1696 [H8762] him that I speak? H376 if a man H559 [H8804] shall speak, H1104 [H8792] surely he shall be swallowed up.
  21 H7200 [H8804] And now men see H925 not the bright H216 light H7834 which is in the clouds: H7307 but the wind H5674 [H8804] passeth, H2891 [H8762] and cleanseth them.
  22 H2091 Fair weather H857 [H8799] cometh H6828 from the north: H433 with God H3372 [H8737] is terrible H1935 majesty.
  23 H7706 As for the Almighty, H4672 [H8804] we cannot find him out: H7689 he is excellent H3581 in power, H4941 and in judgment, H7230 and in abundance H6666 of justice: H6031 [H8762] he will not afflict.
  24 H582 Men H3372 [H8804] therefore fear H7200 [H8799] him: he respecteth H2450 not any that are wise H3820 of heart.