Joshua 16

  1 H1486 And the lot H1121 of the sons H3130 of Joseph H3318 [H8799] fell H3383 from Jordan H3405 by Jericho, H4325 to the water H3405 of Jericho H4217 on the east, H4057 to the wilderness H5927 [H8802] that goeth up H3405 from Jericho H2022 throughout mount H1008 Bethel,
  2 H3318 [H8804] And goeth out H1008 from Bethel H3870 to Luz, H5674 [H8804] and passeth along H1366 to the borders H757 of Archi H5852 to Ataroth,
  3 H3381 [H8804] And goeth down H3220 westward H1366 to the border H3311 of Japhleti, H1366 to the border H1032 of Bethhoron H8481 the lower, H1507 and to Gezer: H8444 and the ends H3220 of it are at the sea.
  4 H1121 So the sons H3130 of Joseph, H4519 Manasseh H669 and Ephraim, H5157 [H8799] took their inheritance.
  5 H1366 And the border H1121 of the sons H669 of Ephraim H4940 according to their families H1366 was thus: even the border H5159 of their inheritance H4217 on the east side H5853 was Atarothaddar, H1032 to Bethhoron H5945 the upper;
  6 H1366 And the border H3318 [H8804] went out H3220 toward the sea H4366 to Michmethah H6828 on the north side; H1366 and the border H5437 [H8738] went about H4217 eastward H8387 to Taanathshiloh, H5674 [H8804] and passed H4217 by it on the east H3239 to Janohah;
  7 H3381 [H8804] And it went down H3239 from Janohah H5852 to Ataroth, H5292 and to Naarath, H6293 [H8804] and came H3405 to Jericho, H3318 [H8804] and came out H3383 at Jordan.
  8 H1366 The border H3212 [H8799] went out H8599 from Tappuah H3220 westward H5158 to the river H7071 Kanah; H8444 and the ends H3220 of it were at the sea. H5159 This is the inheritance H4294 of the tribe H1121 of the sons H669 of Ephraim H4940 by their families.
  9 H3995 And the separate H5892 cities H1121 for the sons H669 of Ephraim H8432 were among H5159 the inheritance H1121 of the sons H4519 of Manasseh, H5892 all the cities H2691 with their villages.
  10 H3423 [H8689] And they did not drive out H3669 the Canaanites H3427 [H8802] that dwelt H1507 in Gezer: H3669 but the Canaanites H3427 [H8799] dwell H7130 among H669 the Ephraimites H3117 to this day, H5647 [H8802] and serve H4522 at forced labour.