Nahum 3:6-10

  6 H7993 [H8689] And I will cast H8251 abominable filth H5034 [H8765] upon thee, and make thee vile, H7760 [H8804] and will set H7210 thee as a gazingstock.
  7 H7200 [H8802] And it shall come to pass, that all they that look H5074 [H8799] upon thee shall flee H559 [H8804] from thee, and say, H5210 Nineveh H7703 [H8795] is laid waste: H5110 [H8799] who will bemoan H370 her? Where H1245 [H8762] shall I seek H5162 [H8764] comforters for thee?
  8 H3190 [H8686] Art thou better H527 H528 [H8675] than populous H4996 No, H3427 [H8802] that dwelt H2975 among the rivers, H4325 that had the waters H5439 around H2426 it, whose rampart H3220 was the sea, H2346 and her wall H3220 was from the sea?
  9 H3568 Cush H4714 and Egypt H6109 were her strength, H369 H7097 and it was infinite; H6316 Put H3864 and Lubim H5833 were thy helpers.
  10 H1473 Yet was she carried away, H1980 [H8804] she went H7628 into captivity: H5768 her young children H7376 [H8792] also were dashed in pieces H7218 at the head H2351 of all the streets: H3032 [H8804] and they cast H1486 lots H3513 [H8737] for her honourable men, H1419 and all her great men H7576 [H8795] were bound H2131 in chains.