Nehemiah 6

  1 H5571 Now it came to pass, when Sanballat, H2900 and Tobiah, H1654 and Geshem H6163 the Arabian, H3499 and the rest H341 [H8802] of our enemies, H8085 [H8738] heard H1129 [H8804] that I had built H2346 the wall, H6556 and that there was no breach H3498 [H8738] left H1571 H5704 in it; (though H6256 at that time H5975 [H8689] I had not set up H1817 the doors H8179 upon the gates;)
  2 H5571 That Sanballat H1654 and Geshem H7971 [H8799] sent H559 [H8800] to me, saying, H3212 [H8798] Come, H3259 [H8735] let us meet H3162 together H3715 in some one of the villages H1237 in the plain H207 of Ono. H2803 [H8802] But they thought H6213 [H8800] to do H7451 me evil.
  3 H7971 [H8799] And I sent H4397 messengers H559 [H8800] to them, saying, H6213 [H8802] I am doing H1419 a great H4399 work, H3201 [H8799] so that I cannot H3381 [H8800] come down: H4399 why should the work H7673 [H8799] cease, H834 while H7503 [H8686] I leave H3381 [H8804] it, and come down to you?
  4 H7971 [H8799] Yet they sent H702 to me four H6471 times H1697 in this way; H7725 [H8686] and I answered H1697 them after the same manner.
  5 H5571 Then Sanballat H7971 [H8799] sent H5288 his servant H1697 to me in like manner H2549 the fifth H6471 time H6605 [H8803] with an open H107 letter H3027 in his hand;
  6 H3789 [H8803] In which was written, H8085 [H8738] It is reported H1471 among the nations, H1654 and Gashmu H559 [H8802] saith H3064 it, that thou and the Judeans H2803 [H8802] think H4775 [H8800] to rebel: H3651 for which cause H1129 [H8802] thou buildest H2346 the wall, H1933 [H8802] that thou mayest be H4428 their king, H1697 according to these words.
  7 H5975 [H8689] And thou hast also appointed H5030 prophets H7121 [H8800] to call H3389 concerning thee at Jerusalem, H559 [H8800] saying, H4428 There is a king H3063 in Judah: H8085 [H8735] and now shall it be reported H4428 to the king H1697 according to these words. H3212 [H8798] Come H3289 [H8735] now therefore, and let us take counsel H3162 together.
  8 H7971 [H8799] Then I sent H559 [H8800] to him, saying, H1961 0 There are H1697 no such things H1961 [H8738] done H559 [H8802] as thou sayest, H908 [H8802] but thou maketh up H3820 them out of thy own heart.
  9 H3372 [H8764] For they all made us afraid, H559 [H8800] saying, H3027 Their hands H7503 [H8799] shall be weakened H4399 from the work, H6213 [H8735] that it may not be done. H2388 [H8761] Now therefore, O God, strengthen H3027 my hands.
  10 H935 [H8804] Afterward I came H1004 to the house H8098 of Shemaiah H1121 the son H1806 of Delaiah H1121 the son H4105 of Mehetabeel, H6113 [H8803] who was shut up; H559 [H8799] and he said, H3259 [H8735] Let us meet together H1004 in the house H430 of God, H8432 within H1964 the temple, H5462 [H8799] and let us shut H1817 the doors H1964 of the temple: H935 [H8802] for they will come H2026 [H8800] to slay H3915 thee; yea, in the night H935 [H8802] will they come H2026 [H8800] to slay thee.
  11 H559 [H8799] And I said, H3644 Should such H376 a man H1272 [H8799] as I flee? H935 [H8799] and who is there, that, being as I am, would go H1964 into the temple H2425 [H8804] to save his life? H935 [H8799] I will not go in.
  12 H5234 [H8686] And, lo, I perceived H430 that God H7971 [H8804] had not sent H1696 [H8765] him; but that he pronounced H5016 this prophecy H2900 against me: for Tobiah H5571 and Sanballat H7936 [H8804] had hired him.
  13 H7936 [H8803] Therefore was he hired, H3372 [H8799] that I should be afraid, H6213 [H8799] and do so, H2398 [H8804] and sin, H7451 and that they might have matter for a bad H8034 report, H2778 [H8762] that they might reproach me.
  14 H2142 [H8798] Remember, H9020 O my H430 God, H9005 of H2900 Tobiah H9002 and H9005 of H5571 Sanballat H9004 according to H428 these H9023 their H4639 works, H9002 and H1571 also, H9005 of H9009 the H5031 prophetess H5129 Noadiah, H9002 and H9005 the H3499 rest H9009 of the H5030 prophets, H834 that H1961 would have H9030 put me H3372 [H8764] in fear.
  15 H2346 So the wall H7999 [H8799] was finished H6242 in the twenty H2568 and fifth H435 day of the month Elul, H2572 in fifty H8147 and two H3117 days.
  16 H341 [H8802] And it came to pass, that when all our enemies H8085 [H8804] heard H1471 of it, and all the nations H5439 that were about us H7200 [H8799] saw H3966 these things, they were much H5307 [H8799] cast down H5869 in their own eyes: H3045 [H8799] for they perceived H4399 that this work H6213 [H8738] was wrought H430 by our God.
  17 H3117 Moreover in those days H2715 the nobles H3063 of Judah H1980 [H8802] sent H7235 [H8688] many H107 letters H2900 to Tobiah, H2900 and the letters of Tobiah H935 [H8802] came to them.
  18 H7227 For there were many H3063 in Judah H1167 H7621 sworn H2860 to him, because he was the son in law H7935 of Shechaniah H1121 the son H733 of Arah; H1121 and his son H3076 Johanan H3947 [H8804] had taken H1323 the daughter H4918 of Meshullam H1121 the son H1296 of Berechiah.
  19 H559 [H8802] Also they reported H2896 his good deeds H6440 at the face of H3318 [H8688] me, and uttered H1697 my words H2900 to him. And Tobiah H7971 [H8804] sent H107 letters H3372 [H8763] to put me in fear.