Proverbs 16:21-24

  21 H2450 The wise H3820 in heart H7121 [H8735] shall be called H995 [H8737] prudent: H4986 and the sweetness H8193 of the lips H3254 [H8686] increaseth H3948 learning.
  22 H7922 Understanding H4726 is a wellspring H2416 of life H1167 to him that hath H4148 it: but the instruction H191 of fools H200 is folly.
  23 H3820 The heart H2450 of the wise H7919 [H8686] giveth prudence H6310 to his mouth, H3254 [H8686] and addeth H3948 learning H8193 to his lips.
  24 H5278 Pleasant H561 words H6688 H1706 are as an honeycomb, H4966 sweet H5315 to the breath, H4832 and health H6106 to the bones.