Proverbs 5:4-11

  4 H319 But her end H4751 is bitter H3939 as wormwood, H2299 sharp H6310 as a twoedged H2719 sword.
  5 H7272 Her feet H3381 [H8802] go down H4194 to death; H6806 her steps H8551 [H8799] take hold H7585 on the grave.
  6 H6424 [H8762] Lest thou shouldest ponder H734 the path H2416 of life, H4570 her ways H5128 [H8804] are unstable, H3045 [H8799] that thou canst not know them.
  7 H8085 [H8798] Hear H1121 me now therefore, O ye sons, H5493 [H8799] and depart H561 not from the words H6310 of my mouth.
  8 H7368 0 Remove H1870 thy way H7368 [H8685] far H7126 [H8799] from her, and come not near H6607 the door H1004 of her house:
  9 H5414 [H8799] Lest thou give H1935 thy honour H312 to others, H8141 and thy years H394 to the cruel:
  10 H2114 [H8801] Lest strangers H7646 [H8799] be filled H3581 with thy wealth; H6089 and thy labours H1004 be in the house H5237 of a foreigner;
  11 H5098 [H8804] And thou mourn H319 at the last, H1320 when thy flesh H7607 and thy muscle H3615 [H8800] are consumed,