Psalms 73:17-20

  17 H935 [H8799] Until I went H4720 into the sanctuary H410 of God; H995 [H8799] then I understood H319 their end.
  18 H7896 [H8799] Surely thou didst set H2513 them in slippery places: H5307 [H8689] thou didst cast them down H4876 into ruin.
  19 H8047 How are they brought into desolation, H7281 as in a moment! H5486 [H8804] they are utterly H8552 [H8804] consumed H1091 with terrors.
  20 H2472 As a dream H6974 [H8687] when one awaketh; H136 so, O Sovereign, H5782 when thou awakest, H959 [H8799] thou shalt despise H6754 their image.