Psalms 77:3-9

  3 H2142 [H8799] I remembered H430 God, H1993 [H8799] and was troubled: H7878 [H8799] I complained, H7307 and my spirit H5848 [H8691] was overwhelmed. H5542 Selah.
  4 H270 [H8804] Thou holdest H5869 my eyes H8109 waking: H6470 [H8738] I am so troubled H1696 [H8762] that I cannot speak.
  5 H2803 [H8765] I have considered H3117 the days H6924 of old, H8141 the years H5769 of ancient times.
  6 H2142 [H8799] I call to remembrance H5058 my song H3915 in the night: H7878 [H8799] I commune H3824 with my own heart: H7307 and my spirit H2664 [H8762] made diligent search.
  7 H136 Will the Lord H2186 [H8799] cast off H5769 to the age? H3254 [H8686] and will H7521 [H8800] he be favourable no more?
  8 H2617 Is his mercy H656 [H8804] wholly gone H5331 for ever? H562 doth his promise H1584 [H8804] fail H1755 for evermore?
  9 H410 Hath God H7911 [H8804] forgotten H2589 [H8800] to be gracious? H639 hath he in anger H7092 [H8804] shut up H7356 his compassions? H5542 Selah.