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Hebrews 11:37 (ACVI)
   37 G3034 V-API-3P ελιθασθησαν They Were Stoned G4249 V-API-3P επρισθησαν They Were Sawed Apart G3985 V-API-3P επειρασθησαν They Were Tempted G599 V-2AAI-3P απεθανον They Died G1722 PREP εν In G5408 N-DSM φονω Murder G3162 N-GSF μαχαιρας Of Sword G4022 V-2AAI-3P περιηλθον They Wandered About G1722 PREP εν In G3374 N-DPF μηλωταις Sheepskins G1722 PREP εν In G122 A-DPN αιγειοις Goat G1192 N-DPN δερμασιν Skins G5302 V-PPP-NPM υστερουμενοι Being Destitute G2346 V-PPP-NPM θλιβομενοι Being Restricted G2558 V-PPP-NPM κακουχουμενοι Being Tormented