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Matthew 19:29 (IGNT)
  29 G2532 και And G3956 πας Every One G3739 ος Who G863 (G5656) αφηκεν Has Left G3614 οικιας Houses, G2228 η Or G80 αδελφους Brothers, G2228 η Or G79 αδελφας Sisters, G2228 η Or G3962 πατερα Father, G2228 η Or G3384 μητερα Mother, G2228 η Or G1135 γυναικα Wife, G2228 η Or G5043 τεκνα Children, G2228 η Or G68 αγρους Lands, G1752 ενεκεν   G3588 του For The Sake Of G3686 ονοματος   G3450 μου My Name, G1542 εκατονταπλασιονα A Hundredfold G2983 (G5695) ληψεται Shall Receive, G2532 και And G2222 ζωην Life G166 αιωνιον Eternal G2816 (G5692) κληρονομησει Shall Inherit;
Matthew 25:34 (IGNT)
  34 G5119 τοτε Then G2046 (G5692) ερει Will Say G3588 ο The G935 βασιλευς King G3588 τοις To Those G1537 εκ On G1188 δεξιων Right Hand G846 αυτου His, G1205 (G5773) δευτε Come, G3588 οι The G2127 (G5772) ευλογημενοι   G3588 του Blessed G3962 πατρος   G3450 μου Of My Father, G2816 (G5657) κληρονομησατε Inherit G3588 την The G2090 (G5772) ητοιμασμενην Prepared G5213 υμιν For You G932 βασιλειαν Kingdom G575 απο From "the" G2602 καταβολης Foundation G2889 κοσμου Of "the" World.
Mark 10:17 (IGNT)
  17 G2532 και And G1607 (G5740) εκπορευομενου   G846 αυτου As He Went Forth G1519 εις Into "the" G3598 οδον Way, G4370 (G5631) προσδραμων Running Up G1520 εις One G2532 και And G1120 (G5660) γονυπετησας Kneeling Down To G846 αυτον Him G1905 (G5707) επηρωτα Asked G846 αυτον Him, G1320 διδασκαλε Teacher G18 αγαθε Good, G5101 τι What G4160 (G5661) ποιησω Shall I Do G2443 ινα That G2222 ζωην Life G166 αιωνιον Eternal G2816 (G5661) κληρονομησω I May Inherit?
1 Corinthians 6:9 (IGNT)
  9 G2228 η Or G3756 ουκ   G1492 (G5758) οιδατε Know Ye Not G3754 οτι That G94 αδικοι Unjust Ones "the" G932 βασιλειαν Kingdom G2316 θεου Of God G3756 ου Not G2816 (G5692) κληρονομησουσιν Shall Inherit? G3361 μη   G4105 (G5744) πλανασθε Be Not Mislead; G3777 ουτε Neither G4205 πορνοι Fornicators, G3777 ουτε Nor G1496 ειδωλολατραι Idolaters, G3777 ουτε Nor G3432 μοιχοι Adulterers, G3777 ουτε Nor G3120 μαλακοι Abusers Of Themselves As Women, G3777 ουτε Nor G733 αρσενοκοιται Abusers Of Themselves With Men,
1 Corinthians 15:50 (IGNT)
  50 G5124 τουτο   G1161 δε But This G5346 (G5748) φημι I Say, G80 αδελφοι Brethren, G3754 οτι That G4561 σαρξ Flesh G2532 και And G129 αιμα Blood "the" G932 βασιλειαν Kingdom G2316 θεου Of God G2816 (G5658) κληρονομησαι Inherit G3756 ου   G1410 (G5736) δυνανται Cannot, G3761 ουδε   G3588 η Nor G5356 φθορα   G3588 την Corruption G861 αφθαρσιαν Incorruptibility G2816 (G5719) κληρονομει Does Inherit.
Galatians 4:30 (IGNT)
  30 G235 αλλα But G5101 τι What G3004 (G5719) λεγει Says G3588 η The G1124 γραφη Scripture? G1544 (G5628) εκβαλε Cast Out G3588 την The G3814 παιδισκην Maid Servant G2532 και And G3588 τον   G5207 υιον   G846 αυτης Her Son, G3756 ου   G1063 γαρ   G3361 μη For In No Wise G2816 (G5661) κληρονομηση May Inherit G3588 ο The G5207 υιος Son G3588 της Of The G3814 παιδισκης Maid Servant G3326 μετα With G3588 του The G5207 υιου Son G3588 της Of The G1658 ελευθερας Free "woman".
Galatians 5:21 (IGNT)
  21 G5355 φθονοι Envyings, G5408 φονοι Murders, G3178 μεθαι Drunkennesses, G2970 κωμοι Revels, G2532 και And G3588 τα Things G3664 ομοια Like G5125 τουτοις These; G3739 α As To Which G4302 (G5719) προλεγω I Tell Beforehand G5213 υμιν You, G2531 καθως Even As G2532 και Also G4277 (G5627) προειπον I Said Before, G3754 οτι That G3588 οι They Who G3588 τα   G5108 τοιαυτα Such Things G4238 (G5723) πρασσοντες Do G932 βασιλειαν Kingdom G2316 θεου God's G3756 ου   G2816 (G5692) κληρονομησουσιν Shall Not Inherit.
Hebrews 12:17 (IGNT)
  17 G2467 (G5759) ιστε Ye Know G1063 γαρ For G3754 οτι That G2532 και Also G3347 μετεπειτα Afterwards, G2309 (G5723) θελων Wishing G2816 (G5658) κληρονομησαι To Inherit G3588 την The G2129 ευλογιαν Blessing, G593 (G5681) απεδοκιμασθη He Was Rejected, G3341 μετανοιας   G1063 γαρ For Of Repentance G5117 τοπον Place G3756 ουχ   G2147 (G5627) ευρεν He Found Not, G2539 καιπερ Although G3326 μετα With G1144 δακρυων Tears G1567 (G5660) εκζητησας Having Earnestly Sought G846 αυτην It.
1 Peter 3:9 (IGNT)
  9 G3361 μη Not G591 (G5723) αποδιδοντες Rendering G2556 κακον Evil G473 αντι For G2556 κακου Evil, G2228 η Or G3059 λοιδοριαν Railing G473 αντι For G3059 λοιδοριας Railing; G5121 τουναντιον   G1161 δε But On The Contrary, G2127 (G5723) ευλογουντες Blessing, G1492 (G5761) ειδοτες Knowing G3754 οτι That G1519 εις To G5124 τουτο This G2564 (G5681) εκληθητε Ye Were Called, G2443 ινα That G2129 ευλογιαν Blessing G2816 (G5661) κληρονομησητε Ye Should Inherit.