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1 Peter 4:1 (IGNT)
  1 G5547 χριστου Christ G3767 ουν Then G3958 (G5631) παθοντος Having Suffered G5228 υπερ For G2257 ημων Us G4561 σαρκι In "the" Flesh, G2532 και Also G5210 υμεις Ye G3588 την The G846 αυτην Same G1771 εννοιαν Mind G3695 (G5669) οπλισασθε Arm Yourselves With; G3754 οτι For G3588 ο He That G3958 (G5631) παθων Suffered G1722 εν In "the" G4561 σαρκι Flesh G3973 (G5769) πεπαυται Has Done With G266 αμαρτιας Sin;